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1.Mininum Requirements
2. Anti-Harassment Rules
3. Fantasy Female Death Board

4. All Topic Board
5. Story Board
6. Moderators
7. Real Death
8.  Profiles and Signature Lines
9. Title Lines
10. Avatars
11. Names and Handles
13. Images/ Pictures
14. Sexual Fetishes (non death)
15. Video Clips
16. Ads
17. Privacy Concerns
18.  POLLS (electronic)
19.  Resignations
20.  Suspensions
21.  Word Censors
22.   Advertisers

DeadSkirts.Com  (DS)  is a fantasy adult community based website and forum offerring fantasy images from movies, television, photos, artwork and written stories that depict women in situations in which they are playing dead, pretending to get killed, on screen. It also has an ALL TOPIC board so that you may discuss other  things with the members of this site, ranging from politics, news stories, to other non-extreme sexual fetishes.
Participation in this forum requires that all members  read and understand, and agree to rules outlined below .

SECTION 1: (Minimum Requirments and Posting In General )
When you join DeadSkirts.Com,  you have to first  agree and meet all of the following  requirments:

Rule 1-A (You Must Be and Adult)--- You must be an adult of at least 18 years of age to visit, join, or post on a DeadSkirts Board message board.

Rule 1-B  (Valid Email Address Required)  All members are required to have a valid e-mail address on file with management for necessary contact and I.D information so we can  contact them in regards to any possible negative performance they may have on the any of the DeadSkirts boards, put up avatars,  pictures, videos, take complaints from them, notify them privately of any complaints against them, and to let them know why their complaint whether or not it was valid.  Members found not having valid e-mails, or ignoring e-mails sent by DeadSkirts owner, ignoring  warnings,  will subject them to be suspension until e-mail contact is re-established.

Rule  1-C 
(No Erotic Conversations About Persons Under The Age of 18)  Except for a news story  posted without erotic overtones, no member may post any  information, suggestions, images,  communication, artwork, or  hyerlinks that lead directly to sexual fantasies involving  human beings under the age of  18 years old.

Rule 1-D  (No Expressing Excitement Of Underage Fantasies)  Members joining DeadSkirts agree not to use any the DeadSkirts open  boards to  express excitment , enjoyment or sexual pleasure towards sexual fantasies involving human beings under the age of 18 years old.

Rule 1-E  (No Erotic Real Death Conversations)
  No member may engage, or promote,  any discussion on the DeadSkirts boards,  about  methods, causes,  systems, elements, or news  of real death in human beings  in a manner the suggest  arousal,  sexual grafication ,  or eroticism.

.(Rule 1-F  Posting In English Most of The Time)  All Members are required to post primarily in the language of English. The exceptions are  the rare occasional  post in a foreign language to a  fellow DeadSkirts member who understand that language.  Posting in a language other than English,  that  are not directed to a member or members who do not understand the language may be removed by any moderator on sight.

Rule 1-G (Description  Required For All Hyperlinks)  Members of DeadSkirts must describe  all hyperlinks  and not lead or entice other member to click on links without sufficent  information of  what the link leads to.

Rule 1-H  (All Federal, State, and Local Law to be Obeyed) By posting on the any of the DeadSkirts boards, you argee to follow all  United States Federal, State, Local laws, and the rules of this board.

Rule 1- i  (No Unnessary Postings of  Threads or Replies ) Members will not make unnecessarily make  excessive seperate postings on any of the DeadSkirts boards when the information contain in those post could have been combined  into  a single post.

Rule 1-J  (No Open Board Challeges To DeadSkirts Policies) All members shall agree, they shall not use any of the DeadSkirts open boards to create a thread or post for the purpose  of  hendering, impeding, challenging, or objecting to the written rules, policies and established proceedures used by DeadSkirts mangament, but  understand they are free and encourage to voice any policy objections in the e-mails to the owner at
Rule 1-K (No Prolific Postings Within a Thread)
  All members are required to  post on the subject  of  a given thread and may not flood  threads  with unnecessary repetious, unrelated text, unrelated subject matter, links, or pictures.
Rule 1-L (No Excessive Anger To Be Posted)  All members are prohibited from expressing excessive anger on any of the DeadSkirts board, regarding any subject, even if that anger is not directed at  DeadSkirts members.

Rule 1-M  ( No Religious Belief Bashing)  No member shall use any method via the DeadSkirts open boards  to attack, bash, be-little, discount, defame,  the religion, of another person, but are welcome to discuss why they do, or do not, have certain  beliefs in a respectful manner.

Rule 1-N  (No Plans or Conspiracies to  Defame  DeadSkirts)  No members shall use any of the DeadSkirts boards, to plan , contribe,  assist, or create,  any outside project, designed with the intent  to attempt to hurt , ridicule, or defame this site, it's regular members, it's moderators, or it's owner.

Rule 1-O  ( No Rudicule of DeadSkirts On Open Boards)  No member may use any of the open boards of DeadSkirts to rudicule, hound, mock, or  protest its  moderators , owner, or the way it is structured or governed by them.

Rule 1-P  ( No  Withholding Promised Follow-ups)  No member may state, promise, or tease other members and vistors into believing he or she will being  posting additional  photos, images, hyperlinks, or information  to a
thread started by

Rule 1- Q (No Roleplaying Avalible At This Time)  Until such time as a chat room , or special seperate board, is established, we regret to inform you that DeadSkirts can not provide room for Roleplaying on any of the current  board, do to limited CPU and Bandwidth.

Rule 1- R ( No Requring Memberships or Registration To See  Specific, Announced  Images or Videos)  Except for approved DS  advertisers, advertising their own  products, and E-Mail groups (Yahoo, Hotmail, G-mail..ect)  no member may  announce a specific individual  video, image, or  artwork,  on the  open boards of DeadSkirts with the requirment that they join, or register, with another website just to see that product.

SECTION 2:  Anti-Harrasment Policy

In  order to protect the members of DeadSkirts from  unwarranted harassment and series of rules have been created  to do that.  The most important of which is not to harass a member, or members because they choose to post on a subject that is allowed by the DeadSkirts Policy.

2-A.  (THE RIGHT TO POST NEWS STORIES WITH NO OBJECTIONS---  ZERO TOLERANCE RULE)  A member has a right to post a tragic real life news story on the ALL TOPIC board  and no member may harass him or her for posting the story provided, if it  was done without erotic overtones and within DS policy. Any member harassing or objecting against the member for doing so on the open boards, shall be suspended without warning immediately.  OBJECTIONS are welcome via the e-mail to

Rule 2- B  (No Posting to Attack a Member)  No member may create a post anywhere on the DeadSkirts open boards, that is personally critical of another DeadSkirts member, for the purpose of embarassment, conflict, demands, slander, threats, revenge or harassment.

Rule 2-C (No Following For Harassment) No Member may my follow another member within a thread, or to a new new thread, for the purpose of  making comments that heckle, diverts, delays, teases,  conflicts with, or harasses, that  given member of  DeadSkirts.

Rule 2-D (No Physcial Threats Allowed)  No member may make, relay, invent,  or advocate a physicals threat of injury of death to another human being on any of the boards of DeadSkirts,  especially  when  refering to  a named individual or known public figure.

Rule 2-E   (No  Personal  Legal  Threats)   No member may use any of the open DeadSkirts posting boards to make, relay, transfer, suggest,  or  hint that a specific threat of civil, or criminal, action could be taken any active  account member of DeadSkirts.

Rule 2-F  (No Disruption of DeadSkirts Boards) 
Any member who post on any of the DeadSkirts boards in a continuously disrepectul manner directed at another member or group of members, ignoring moderator warnings,  expressing excessive anger or discontent with Managment, or making future threats to violate any rule,  is guilty of a disruption of the boards.

Rule  2-G   (Respecting Member Profiles)  No  member may use any of the DeadSkirts message boards to openly  doubt, suggest, hint, or challenge the posted indentity,  sex, race, location, or national origin of another member.
E-mail instead.

Rule  2-H  (No Suggesting Members are a Threat Due A Sexual Fantasy)
No member may state, suggest, or imply,  that  because another DS member has a sexual certain specific sexual fantasy, that  he or she is , or will become a danger to other human beings.

Rule  2-i (Real life Beliefs are not Be Used to Counter Fantasies) No member shall, suggest, imply, hint or state that because another member has certain real life beliefs that is someone how counters, opposes or invalidates his or her sexual fanatasies that may, or may, not have been shared on any of the DeadSkirts board.

Rule  2-J ( No Vocabulary Harassment)
  Members may not post grammatical, or any vocabulary corrections, that another member has typed into her/her  post for the purpose  harassing , disrepecting,  hendering , obstucting, being condesending towards,  or diverting  that  member.

Rule 2-K  (No Name-calling / Exceptions) Except for mutual joking between all members involved , no member posting on any of the DS boards, may call  another member, group of members, or a gender, an offensive name, offensive description, or twist on their real names or handles.

Rule 2-L  (No Excessive Condesending Remarks)  During the course of communication on the DS boards on any topic, members may not make excessive condesending remarks, names, adjectives, or verbs, directed towards another member, or director group of members

Rule  2-M (No Mass Racial Inquries)  Except in a  friendly individual conversations ,  no member may  generally ask the race of  the members on any of the DeadSkirts Boards  as a whole, for personal, suvey, or business information.

Rule 2-N (No Posting of DeadSkirts Members Private Communications) With the exception of only the most general comment of what was comunicatedNo member may knowing Identify another DS member by name, or inference, and repost post  something that he claims, contends, declares, or alleges was a private communication by any means, from the member in question. 

Rule 2-O (No Racial Slurs or Insensitivity / Exceptions)  Except in the context of a real news story quotes, no member may use any racial slurs, offensive words, statements, or jokes, or show any major insensitivity to any race, on any of the DeadSkirts boards, fantasy or not.

Rule 2-P (No Attacks on Religious Faith or Beliefs)-  Except in the context of a real news story quote, no member may post , transfer, relay, or copy statements that are inherently offensive to any religion or any faith based belief concerning the existance of mankind.

Rule 2-Q  (No Inciting, or Attempting to Incite, a Flame War)--- No member may delibrately encourage, provoke, dare, or incite  one or more other members through he or her words, to break any rules,  to become disrepectful, or  continue disrespect  towards another member or  group of members.

Rule 2-R  ( Encouraging Others To Flame)---
Any member who supports, embraces, compliments, encourages, or assist another member before, during, or after a harassing attack on another member is guilty of attempting to incite a flame war and is in violation of DeadSkirts standards.

SECTION 2: The Fantasy Female Death Board
This is a board of information that supports the fantasy female death fetish. It is for people that feel confortable enough to visit the board, and not for the expression of hang-ups or problems one may have with the essence of the  fetish.  It is for fantasy talk, sharing, movie clip reviews and images only. It is not used to chanlenge or suggest there is problems with the Fantasy Death Fetish.  The talk of real death in any form on the Fantasy Female Board is strictly prohibited.

Rule 3-A.  (Purpose of the Fantasy Death Board).  You may only post topics, inquire about subjects, people, and concerns that primarily center on the fantasy female death fetishes. Other subjects that cover primarily a "non death fetish" should be posting on the DeadSkirts All Topic Board. 

Rule 3-B. (NO CHALLENGES  To The Female Death Fetish). You may only post on things in the Fantasy Female Death Board that supports and does not challenge  the essense of the Fantasy Death Fetish, however you are welcome to post subject like that on our  ALL TOPIC BOARD.

Rule 3-C. (No Realistic Death, or  Fantasy Death Postings Allowed)  No member may make a post that speaks of  death,  or the threat of death, to another human being , or human beings, unless it it is made very clear by  disclaimer,  tone, and manner,  that it is only a fantasy.

Rule 3-D (Video Clips Must Show or Imply Fantasy Death)  All video clips posted on the Fantasy Female Death Board must either show ,or Imply, the killing or death of at least adult female character, or in the case of a teaser, promo, or trailer, give more information of where a production of that fantasy death content can be located.

Rule 3-E. (Over 18 In All Erotic or Tramatic Images No member may post  any images, artwork, or  videos  that  clearly and explicitly depicts or shows a person,  under the age of 18 years  old,  engaging  in,  or being  subjected to,  sexual arousal, endangerment, torture, being killed, dying, or put into any sexual situations.
 Rule 3-F.  (No Pregnant Women or Unborn Child Fantasy Deaths)  No member  may not post any real or fantasy images , or direct any members to,  any photos, images, artwork, or video clips, that depict a pregnant woman being killed, dying, or  put  into  any situation likely to produce great bodily harm to her or the unborn child.

Rule 3-G . (Member Board Contact Is Welcome) 
You  may use the  Fantasy Female Main Board to  make a  open post to contact a fellow member.  Example:   "Calling Sandi"

Rule  3-H   (Accurate Fake Death Reviews Required)  When  female characters are knocked out, or fake their deaths in a  movie, television series, or video, no member may knowingly report it as a fantasy death.  Members are welcome to  express their  imagination, or wish that the character or characters  were dead, however.  Note that some people  find  "fake deaths" highly erotic and need to know if a given movie has those scenes.

SECTION 4:   The All Topic Board

DeadSkirts is equipped with an ALL TOPIC board. It is our belief that a person is a complete human being, and there are other things on his, or her, mind that they would like to share with the fellow members of this site. To do that you may post on our All Topic board.  On this board you may discuss any subject with very few exceptions.

Rule 4-A.  (Politics and ALL Subjects  Require Respect). Members have the right to post on politics on the ALL Topic  board as long as they are respectful in the expression of their opinions and in their commications with other members of this site.

Rule 4-B.  (Challenges and Questions To The Death Fetish are Welcome)  For those who would like to resepectfully  challenge or disect the FANTASY DEATH FETISH you may do on the ALL TOPIC board. The Main board is only for those who want to post in support and pleasure of the Death Fetish

Rule 4-C.  (Reath Discussions Are Allowed With Restrictions)  Members may post and discuss real life death stories and major news reports involving  the real death of any human being, just so long as there  is no erotic overtones in the story,  no erotic replies, no suggestions of eroticsm, no insenstive remarks, about the dead person or persons, and the posting on this subject does not become to excessive by a member, or group of members.

Rule 4-D  ( Under Age the Age 18 Topics and True Stories)  You may post i true real life news stories, incidents,or information  that involve human beings under the age of 18 year old provided that are not told without erotic overtones.

Rule 4-E   (Describe Topic In Your Own Words)
  Every member posting a new subject on the  "All Topic" board must provide a full description of  what he or she is talking about in her or her own words.  

Rule 4-F  (No Domination Of The ALL TOPIC Board)--- Moderators reserve the right to limit the discussion of any subject if that subject becomes to excessive by any member or a group of members, until and period of time has passed.  The Subject should open up again at a later date. The purpose for this is to keep the ALL TOPICS board inviting to all subjects.

Rule 4-G  (No Extreme Fetishes Allowed) Members may post on a wide variety of other fetishes, just so long as they don't become to excessive in their postings.  Some fetishes are prohibited from being posted on this board  such as  sex with animals,  real human injuries,  subjects involving  bodywaste other than simple urination, sexual activity involving persons under the age of 18.

Rule 4-H  (No Erotic Talk About Serious Injuries). Except for light consensual  bondage and pain applied via a method not likely to produce injury  to a human being,  members may not post any real life pain, or threat of real serious pain  inflicted on a human being or animal for  the purpose of soliciting sexual gratification on any of the  DS boards.
SECTION 5:   Story Board
DeadSkirts  has a Fantasy  Female Adult Board, This is were members can post stories that depict the fantasy  killing of  Adult Females. The Killing of   Adult Males  is very welcome to be mixed in to those stories when the author feels the need.

Rule 5-A (Female Death Stories Belong On The Story Board)   Fantasy Female Death Stories are to be written, or posted, on the DeadSkirts Story Board Only.

Rule 5-B  (Must Contain At Least One Female Death)  Members posting fantasy death stories, whether in whole or in part, must protray the killing of  at least one adult female in order to remain on the board in each part requiring a separate post.

Rule 5-C  (Two Chapters Maximum Per Thread)  Members who post stories or scripts on the Story Board  are limited to only 2 sections, or chapter maximum within a thread and additional chapters will  have to be on addtional threads, also with a limit of  2 sections per thread.

Rule 5-D (No Continuous Story Writting Within The Same Thread) Members are encourage to post a new thread for each section of their story, and each section is required to contain the fantasy death of at least one adult female.
Rule 5-E.  (Story Posting To Be Done By DeadSkirts Members Only)  Stories put on the DeadSkirts Story Board, must be written by an current active member of only. NOTE:  If the author is a non-member of DeadSkirts, you may direct DS members to another WebSite  to see the story provided the story is a adult female fantasy death story that meets the requirments and restrictions of the DeadSkirts Story Board Rules, also.)

Rule 5-F.  (Fantasy Adult Male Death Mixture Welcome/ Encouraged)   DeadSkirts supports and strongly encourages its authors who mix in adult male deaths in their stories, just so long as the story  also includes adult female death in the story.  It gives the story more credibility just having women, and only women killed all of the time

Rule 5-G.   (CHILDREN IN STORIES/ Allowed Exceptions) --- An Author MAY have children in his or her story , just so long as the children in that story are not put in any of the following situations:
1. No Sexual Situations
2 .No Tramatic Situations
3. No Situations that shows the Child likely  to be injured or killed
4. No Past statements of death or injury to a child.

Section 6:  The DeadSkirts Moderators
DeadSkirts currently has  3 moderators one owner.  Two Full  Moderators  (Jimbo and Dick Hertz)  One reserve moderator (DeMan) and one owner (Geno).  Their  primary purpose is to help you fully enjoy your visit to the DS site. It may be  to help you  modify your pictures, direct you to the features of this board , or just to have someone to talk to about your fetishes.  They are trained on the functions of the board and were choosen because of their high tolerance, and avalibility  in dealing with problems in a fair-minded way. All moderators are current website owners themselves too. They also have the duty of enforcing the policies of  DeadSkirts.  Therefore  our moderators have been given the following boards powers over all post that are posted on DeadSkirts.....

6-A (Moderator's  Duties Shall BE  UNHENDERED). No member may  hinder, heckle, harass, tease, or complain on the open boards of DeadSkirts when a moderator is explaining the guildlines, or protocol, of the forums, and may not do the same when a moderator is
issuing a warning of a rule violations to any member, editing a post, transfering a post, or deleting a post,  of another member of  DeadSkirts. Complaints against moderators conduct can be submitted to  (the owner)

6-B. (The Right To Edit Any Violating Post).
  A moderator has the right to edit any post on this board, including the owners post, and each others post, if they find something out of policy, mispelled, or not working within the post and to do it without  warning or notification.

6-C.  (Deleting Threads)   A  moderator  has the  power and the right,  to  delete  any  thread completely along with all of the post on that thread, regardless of their content, if  the thread was started by a member who put up  a  post that was in violation of  DeadSkirts policy.

6-D.  (Transfering Threads To Other Boards)  A moderator will transfer any thread from one board the anohter, if the subject content is not "On Topic"  for the board it was discovered on. 

6-E.  (Only The DeadSkirts Owner Can Delete Post for Bandwidth Conservation)---  Only the DeadSkirts Owner has the right to delete a thread for the purpose of reducing clutter or saving bandwidth. 

6-F. (Suspension For Any Repeat Violation Is Possible)
  A moderator is not going to endlessly  correct your post when you are delibrately making out of policy. Suspension from the board may be in order if you continue to defy a moderators warnings or corrections to your post.

6-G.  (Moderator Spliting A Post)-- If a standard member makes a post within a thread that is clearly, or mostly off  the subject of  that thread, the moderator may split that post from that thread, along wtih every reponse to the off topic post, and give it's own thread and title. .  

6-H. (Moderator Changes To A  Post) 
If a moderator changes or makes a modification to a member's  post because it was out of policy,  that member make not make  another change to the post, unless the new change also keeps the post  policy .

Section 7:  Real  Deaths

Rule 7-A. (Reporting Real Deaths)
  Members may post a report of  the death, or deaths, of  human beings on the  ALL Topic  board provided  the report is written without any erotic overtones., has no erotic responses, and the member does not become excessive in his or her posting of such stories.

Rule 7-B  Real Death Reporting Limits.
A member may only report a certain type of real death limited to at least one of the following conditions: 
1.  The death of a famous person
2.  The death of a human being, or human beings, that affects, or has intrest, in  a wide region, such as a state,    section of the country,or the entire country.
3. Any death of a human being that has  implications or connections,, to the fantasy death fetish community.
4. The death of a registered DeadSkirts member, former member of  Deadskirts, of their family members, or a close friend. 

Rule  7-B  ( No Suggestions of Real Death Eroticism Allowed in Any Story)  Any member may post  comments on a  story,  news event,  or tragical historical event, that talks about the death of  humans beings,  provided is does not contain any harassing, entertaining, or  erotic overtones.

Rule 7-C  (No Erotic Suggestions Connected With The Possibility of Real Death) No member may post a story,  make comments, suggestions, or  implications of erotism connected with any story that suggest the past, present or future, real possibilty death to a human being

Rule  7-D. (No Pictures or Videos)  No member may post, or link a direct photograph or video, to any of the DeadSkirts boards that actually shows a human being being killed or dead.

Rule  7-E  (No Real Killer or Real Victim fantasies )  No member may post a story, conversation, video, pictures or art work that portrays a real life killer of human beings, or real victims of a killer, in  an erotic fantasy or real life light anywhere on the DeadSkirts boards.

Rule 7-F   (No Insensitive, Inappropiate, or Comical Remarks on Real Death) 
No  member of  DeadSkirts may post an  insenstive,  joking ,careless, or any other inappropiate remark, concerning the real death, or possibility of real death, to any human being, on any of the DeadSkirts open boards. 

Rule 7-G  (No Advocation of Real Death/Exceptions)
  Except for capital crimes and fair due process of law, no member may advocate the real death of a human being on the DeadSkirts Boards.

Section 8:  Profiles and Signature lines

Profiles are a very inportant part of a membership.  Members are encourage to fill out their profile as to give others a general feel of where you are and what type of person you are. Because profiles are up 24 hours a day it is important that you stand by the information you put in your profile.  That is why we require that you do stand by what you put in there also.

8-A  (Profiled Cities or Countries Must Be Stood By) 
Every member who lists a known landmark,  district, neighborhood, city , state, or country, or combination thereof,  in the the "location box" of their Profiles, shall be required to stand by the claim that they do indeed live in, or around  that posted location.

8-B  (Members "User-Names"  Must Match Their Sex) --- Any member who chooses a  username that is either strictly  masculine, or  strictly feminine,  must match that sex in their role as a member of DeadSkirts.  Example. If you chose "James" you must have the role of male. If you  choose  "Lady Peach", you must assume the role of  a  female.  There is no gender role requirement for a gender nuetral name, like  Hotbox,  deadcraft, Miller,  honeyshoe, Rathead,  and so on.

8-C  (Signature Lines Must be In the English and a Sentence) 
Every  word in a signature line  must be in English, and must be composed of complete sentences.

8-D .(No Signature Lines May Violate Any Other DeadSkirts Rules)
.  Signature lines may not be used to make statements,  that violatate any other  prohibitions, or restictions of the rules and policy of DeadSkirts.Com

8-E. ( Signature Lines May Not Support Non-Death Fetishes)  No signature line may post support for any fetish , except for the fantasy death fetish.

8-F  (Signature May not contain any quotes that oppose sexual Fetish)
No member may post a signature that make a statement that opposes the concept of enjoying any adult fetish

8-G (Signature line must not Contain an All Captial Word)  With the exception of  one lettered words, not  word in the signature line shall contain all capital letters.

8-H   (Signature Lines May Not Contain Names of The Authors)
No member may have a signature line that names, indicates, or give credit to the original author, or another person. Signature lines belong to the member who posted.them and there he or she must take the responsibilty for posting a signature line.

8-i  (Signature Lines May Be A Proverb with limits) Signature lines can be simple proverbs,  twist on proverbs, or made up proverbs, provided they do not violate other rules of the boards, and the allegde authors name is NOT mentioned. 
8-J  (No Profane Words or Profane Abbreviations Allowed)  No signature  will have a single profane word, or the abbreviation of a profane word.

8-K (Websites in Signature Lines must be Adult Related and Managed By the Member) 
No member may put a web address in his signature line unless it is adult related and he or she is the  manager, or owner, of that site.

8-L (Signature Line may not contain and explination marks or uncommon symbols)  Signature line may only contan

8-M  (No Offensive Words or Labels
)  No member may have a signature line that contains a name,  label , or adjective that  is normally used in an inherently offensive way toward a person, or group of  people,  or a location

8-N  (Signature lines may not bash any Person or Fantasy Characters) --- Signature lines can not  be composed  to bash any  human being  or  fantasy character.

8-O (Signature Lines May Not Bash A Group Of People)  No Member may have a signature line that bashes, degrades, offensively labels, suggests, or implies that something is wrong, with a group of people based on their race, religious status, political position, or any other beliefs they may have. 

Section 9:  Posting Titles 
When a member chooses to start a new topic he or she has to type a title. That title must be with in certain specifications.

9-A. (No Decieving Titles)  All titles begining a new topic, must be accurate and must not lead members and visitors into believing the title is true when it is not, nor must the content within the title cover a subject vastly different for what is stated in the title.

9-B  (Accurate Understandable Titles Required) When posting a title on a new thread, all member are required to make sure that title is readily understandable, accurate, non-deceptive, clear about the main subject is within that post is. 

9-C (No Excessive Capitalization)
You may only have one word  or in some cases two words maximum,  that have all captial words in your title.

9-D. (No Unusual or Excessive Use of Symbols In Titles)  Except for the Moderators of DeadSkirts, no member may  use unusual symbols, characters , excessive mulitple question marks, or  mulitiple exclaimation marks,  in an attempt to bring attention to their post, in a title line.

9-E.  (No Extra Long Titles )
Member posting titles must try to make their title as short and possible and still be accurate about the subject with in the thread.

9-F.  (No Inflamatory Titles) A member may not post a title begining a thread that is designed to inflame, incite anger, aggravate, or annoy others, in spite of the content within the thread.

Rule 9-G. (No Profane Words or Profane Abbreviations In Title Lines)  No member may post a profane word in the title line of a post, whether in it's full written form, abbrivated, or implied.

Rule 9-H.  (No Web Addresses In The Title Lines)    A Web address may not be posted in a title line.

Section 10:  Avatars
Avatars are the little pictures you see next to each members post.  It is choosen by the members to signal a connection to him or her. It may be a real life pictures , artwork, or  logos, just so long as it does not violate the law,  and meets DeadSkirts restriction. Avatars on DeadSkirts may be of any picuture or artwork as long as none of the following restrictions are violated. 

Rule 10-A. (No Bare Sexual organs, nudity, or implied nudity allowed in Avatars) No  member may have an avatar that shows the bare buttocks, bare genitals, or bare female breast of a human being unless those areas are cover up by non-tranparent clothing or out of camera frame, and the Image does not focus mainly on  any  sexual organ.

Rule 10-B ( No Gorey or excessively Bloody Avatars) No member shall have an avatar  that  depicts anything that  excessively brutal, bloody, gorey, dregrading to any human being or animal.

Rule 10-C . (No Avatars of Images of under 18 year olds) No Avatar  may have a  person depicted under that age of 18 years old.

Rule 10-D (Avatars Must Be A Minimum Size)  All Avatars must meet certain size specifications  of not being too big or too small. Generally that is a maximum of  130 pixels on any one side in height and width. You may send a full size picture and we will adjust it  to the proper  DS avatar size, and put it up for you if you wish

Rule 10-E  (Avatars must not exceed 8,000 bytes) 
The size of  a member's  avatar must not exceed more than 8,000 (eight thousand) bytes of information,  unless specially approved by the owner of

Rule 10-F   (Removing Avatars)
Any member who want his or her avatar taken from the board will have it taken down,  by letting the owner of know.

Rule 10-G   (Don't Change Avatars Less Than 60 days)  Members are welcome to have their avatar taken down at any time, but may not change to a different avatar for at least 60 days, unless a valid reason is given.

Section 11:  Names and Handles
In order to join DeadSkirts you have to choose a handle or a name. You may do that but  DeadSkirts has restrictions on the names you are allowed to choose. The members here are communicating  with real human beings not serial numbers.

 11-A.  Board Names and Handles can only be   (Personal Names, Twists on Names,  Organizations , Objects, Conditions,  or  Phenomenons)
Acceptable  Examples:  LadyAsh (Name) ,   Big O (Organization) ,  Treehouse (object),  Nuclear (Conditions),
Phenomenons (Whirlwind)

 11-B (Only 2 (two) Parts Maximum to Your Name)  Names may have a  a first part and a second part , but not a 3rd , 4rd or other part.

11-C   (Board Names Must Consist Of  Letters Only/ Exceptions)  A Members will choose a handle that does not have symbols like exclaimation marks, Question marks, stars,  space bars.

11-D (No Excessively Long Names)  DeadSkirts  restricted the names to less than 14 letters at this time.

11-E . (No Number-Only Board Names)  You may not choose a handle that has only numbers and letters "tj18765"

11-F. (No Initials Only)  You may not choose a handle that has only  INTIALS  such a  TJ  or BJ, even if those intial  contain numbers. Some long term members will be excepted from this requirement.

11-G. (No Taking Current Rootnames). Member handles are normally taken on a first come /first serve basis.  In names like   Jimbo, or hitman many not use  Jimbo23, or Hitman507  or Superhitman.

11-H.  (Prohibited Names) No member  may have a name that is a term ,or object, that is widely considered, offensive, derogatory, degrading, or explicitly sexual.

11-i. (Exceptions For Some Names)  Some members have had a numbers in their names for years, and are virtual icons on fantasy death baords. Those members will be allowed to keep the numbers within their names.

Section 12  Posting Quotes
The purpose of posting  quotes within the   "Quote Box", is  to post  a small part of a members previous existing statement from somewhere one one of the other DeadSkirts message boards for the purpose of clarifying or added credibilty to a point.  Quote of DeadSkirts members not to be used without explination  as to why it was put there ( credibity, contradition, reminders) and shall not be post for the purposes of harassing  that member.

(Rule 12-A)  (The Quote Box Is to be Used Only to Quote Existing Statements)  A member may only use the DeadSkirts QUOTE BOXES to quote members who statement  is currently somewhere on the open board and has not beed deleted.

Rule 12-B  (Every Quote Box Must Have The Name Of The Member Who Made The Quote).   Every single quotation that a member makes of another member, shall have the name of the member being quoted  in or near each quote box.

Rule 12-C  (NO EXCESSIVE MEMBER QUOTATIONS).  Members are to use the quotation boxes sparingly, and not fill their pages up with quotations, as moderators have the right to edit the post, or deleted completely if you post too many quotes at once.

12-D  (NO UNNECESSARY QUOTATIONS)  Members shall not entirely or nearly entirely, quote the entire post of a member when the post is clearly right there on the same thread in near plain view.

Rule 12-E ( POSTING MEMBERS QUOTES FROM OUTSIDE OF DEADSKIRTS) No member may post a quote that another member wrote, or  supposedly wrote, on another site, for the purpose of fueling a debate, causing a conflict, disrupting the board.

Rule  12-G   ( No Posting of  Outside Reviews On  DeadSkirts)   No member may post, link, hyperlink, or mention the web location of  a Fantasy Death Fetish Review from another fetish website on any of the DeadSkirts Boards.

12-H  (NO CORRECTIONS or ADDITIONS  WITHIN A QUOTE BOX )  No member may change any of the words with in a quotation box, correct any spelling, or put any  additional comments not made by the orignal poster.

Section 13:  Posting Images

DeadSkirts allows you to post pictures in the form of  photos, artwork, or posters However they must be of a certain size and not posted with objection by the person that owns the copyright.  There are restrictions on the type of pictures , whether or not they must be posted as a hyperlink, or if they can be posted at all.  Here are those rules.....

.13-A  (Sexual/Fetish Pictures Must  Depict Persons Over 18)  No pictures, images, or artwork, whether posted directly or on hyperlinks,  will be posted anywhere on the DeadSkirts website showing an image of a person who is, or appears to be, under the age of 18 years old in as part of a sexual fetish or sexual situations. 

13-B (No ilegally Obtained Images My Be Posted) DeadSkirts.Com strongly prohibits the posting of images that were obtain illegally from copyrighted productions beyond privacy laws, street dates, federal "fair use" statues.

13-C. (Pictures Must Be Small Enough) When you post a picture, it must  be of the size no bigger than  500 pixels on any one side.  If you would like larger pictures, their is no limit if you make it a  CLICK ON LINK (Hyperlink)  This is a strict policy.  To many violations subject your post to be taken down on sight by a moderator.

13-D  (Pictures May Not Be
Misaligned In A Post)  No member may post  pictures, images, or hyperlinks, on the message board that is so adjusted through space bars, lines, characters, position, or size, to the point that the sides of the post does not fit completely into the average size computer screen.

13-E  (Hyperlinks or Thumbnails  Required  When Posting to an Excess)  Members posting many direct images to a single thread, may have their first few pictures posted direct, however the addtional images  "must" be put  on  Thumbnails or  Hyperlinks  as to reduce  CPU and Dowload Times of  the  page.

13-F  (Bare Genitals and Buttocks Must Be On Hyperlinks)  The bare gentials and buttocks of a human being may not be posted as a direct image on the DeadSkirts message board, unless it is cover by clothing or completed blocked by another object.

13-G  (Hardcore Pictures May Be Posted as HYPERLINKS only)   Hardcore sex  Pictures are pictures that show the penetration into a sexual organ by another sexual organ, a forgien object, or a veiw of the inside of a sexual organ. DeadSkirts allows the posting of these types of pictures in still and moving form, but it must be on  a "click on" link only  (hyperlink  only)

13-H (Excessive GoreTo Be On Hyperlinks Only)
  Pictures, Photos, and Images that depict a lot of blood, or gore, or made to be very  realistic,  must be posted on a hyperlink only, regardless of size.

13-i (Extreme Fetish Pictures Are NOT ALLOWED)  No pictures involving sexual situations with animals, children, extreme pain, extreme torture,  real death, body watse  (other than simple urination),  maybe posted on the DeadSkirts message Board. 

13-J  (No Real Death Photos)  No member may post a  direct picture, thumbnail, or hyperlink  that leads to a photograph,  that shows, or is supposed to show,  the dead body of a human being  except  in the context of a news story. 

13-K   (Very Realistic Fantasy Photos or Videos Must Have Disclaimers)  No member may  post a photo that shows a fantasy death of a human being if looks too realistic, unless there is something in the in the picture, or other acceptable communicated proof that the picture or video is staged, and does not actually show the real dead body of a human being otherwise it will have to be removed.

Rule 13-L (Permission Needed To Use A DeadSkirts Member's Photo) No Picture of a DeadSkirts Member mad be posted or manipulated on any of the DeadSkirts boards without his , or her permission.  That member also reserved the right to change his or her mind and have the picture removed even after originally giving permission.

Section 14: Other  Non-Fantasy Death Sexual Fetishes

(14-A  ACCEPTABLE NON DEATH  FETISHES .) DeadSkirts limits the type of outside fetishes, other than the fantasy death fetish, that you can erotically discuss on this site which is limited to non-extreme sexual fetishes and fetishes NOT likey to produce great bodily harm.  The Fetish allowed are as followed. 

1.  Bondage and Disipline
2.  Crossdressing
4.   Transexuals/She males
3.  Urination
4.   S&M
5   Body Parts Fetish  ( Like feet , hair,  Breast)
6.  Light torture.
7.  Tickling Fetishes
8.  Knock-Out Fetishes
9.  Up Skirts
10. Clothing and Lingerie
11. Fantasy Catfighting (fantasy women fighting)

14-B . (NO ANIMAL FETISHES). Except of true new stories without erotic overtones,  no member may create a post that deals with, or implies,  sexual  contact, inflicting pain, or causing the death of  any  non human mammal, bird, fish, reptile, insect, or any other invertebrates.

14-C   (NO  INCEST  FANTASIES)  No member may create of post that deals with,  implies, or suggest, in any  manner, sexual contact  between a human being and his , or her, relative, unless it is a true news story and has no erotic overtones.

14-D  (NO CHILDREN FANTASIES)-- No member may express a sexual fantasy ,whether real or imaginary, about persons under the age of  18 years old on any of the DeadSkirts message boards.

Section 15:  Posting Video Clips
You may post a video on DeadSkirts provided all of the following conditions are understood and followed.
beneficial, or of intrest to the overall membership,  provided the actual copyright onwer or agent thereof has given permission to post.

Rule 15-A. (Custom Clips to be posted by Copyright Owners or Their Agents)   If a video clip is currently from the payside of any website, you may not post it anywhere  on the  DeadSkirts public boards, unless you are the copyright holder and a DeadSkirts member, or you have an authorized agent who is also a DS member with he or her name on file with DeadSkirts managment, and has your permision to post your clips .

Rule 15-B (No Pre-Street Date Movie Clips Allowed) ---  Except for video clips taken from authorized public trailers, no member of  DeadSkirts  may post a video clip, on any of the boards, from any copyrighted  movie before its official release date on  home video or internet. 

Rule 15-C.  (Copyright Onwer's Objections Respected)
  No one may post a clip of a video on any of the DeadSkirts boards, or web pages, if the copyright owner objects in anyway. 

Rule  15-D  (Sufficent Descriptions For Video Clips are Required)  Any member of DeadSkirts  who post any type of video clip, must give at least a reasonable outline of  exactly what it contain in that video clip, and each addtional one.

15-E  (Describing And Wording Video Clips)   When  posting  and describing  a video clip In your Post on  the  DeadSkirts "Fantasy Female Death Board",  The Following  use  of  words must fit the following definitions:
1.  SAMPLE = The majority of the video clip is dedicated to showing and actual  "in camera frame" , completed, fantasy killl of at least one adult female or  the  "in camera frame"  showing of her  body.
2.   TEASE,  HYPE, PROMO = The clip on the "Fantasy Female Death Board" may, or may not, contain an "in camera frame killing" or the showing of a dead adult female, but is fantasy female death related unless otherwise stated by the poster.
3.  TRAILER=  An edit series of clips combined, that  may, or may not contain, an "in camera frame"  female adult  kill, or a  in camera frame showing of and adult female dead body.

Rule 15-F  (Stating Size and Format of Video Clips)  Members posting video clips on DeadSkirts, must state the size of the video clip, what is inside of that video clip, in a accurate straightforth manner.  

Rule 15-G  (Do Not Flood The Board With Video Clips)  Members are to take into to consideration the number of clips for viewing already on the board, and the number of clips they would like to post, and make sure it is not done to an excesss.

Rule 15-H 
(No Posting Dangerous Situations For Sexual Gratification)  No member may post a photo, or a video clip that is supposably showing a human exposed to an actual dangerous situation likely to  produce great bodily harm or death, for the purpose of entertainment or sexual gratification.

Rule 15-i  ( No Injury or Death To Animals).  No member may post a  video that shows the real injuring, or killing, of any life form zoological classified as an amimal for the purpose of entertainment or sexual gratification.. Which includes all mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, and any other invertibrate.

Rule 15-J (Too Real Special Effects/Proof Disclamier Required)
No member may  post a video clip  that shows a fantasy death of a human being if it looks too realistic, unless there is something in the in the video, or other communicated proof, that the video indicated  it is staged, and does not actually show a real killing or  real  dead body of a human being.

Section 16 : Advertisements
DeadSkirts Allows  limited Advertisement for  Sexual fetish Sites  Only. 

16-A.  (Fantasy Death Sites/ No Real Death)  Sites advertised on DeadSkirts Fantasy Death Board may only deal in fantasy death, (not real death death). Posting about such sites that do not meet that restriction is strictly prohibited in any form.

16-B.  (Posting On Other Types of Sexual Fetish Sites) Site that promote other sexual fetish may be posted on the ALL TOPIC BOARD only, just so long as they do not violate any  of  the  extreme fetish rules, and do not become excessively posted.

16-C . (No Excessive Site Postings)   Sites that meet the restrictions may post as long as they do not be come to excessive. Excessive posting will be define as being done by one or more persons about any given website. Excessive posting promoting any site must be taken down.

Section 17:   Privacy Concerns
No member may post the e-mail address, telephone number, messager id,  location,  or any other contact information on any of our open boards of another member or person, unless that person has his or her information already open to the general public.

17-A (No Posting of Any Members Private Information)  No member of DeadSkirts may post, transfer,  relay,or claim, any specific alleged private, or personal information about another member,  and post it on the open boards of DeadSkirts.

17-B.  (No Posting Contact Infomation on Members / Exceptions)  No member may post the real name, location, or the contact Information of  another person on any of the DeadSkirts Boards, unless that person has left the informaiton on the DeadSkirts message board inviting such solitation in the past and the post still exist. 

17-C   (No Posting Contact Information on Outsiders / Exception)  No member may post the contact information  of any website, or person, with the intent they be contacted in connection with any  sexual subjects, unless it is a website that actively invites thoses types of contacts, and clearly states that on the website in question.

Section 18  Electronic Polls
Members have the right to create an electronic  poll.  Polls are designed to be voted on at any given time by all of our members. We strive to have only the fairest more accurate polls up at any given time.   The right to make a post is routinly taken away from the general membership when too many polls have been posted at one time, or we feel it is time to give the board members a break from them.  To get the maxium pleasure out of  our polling system, DeadSkirts have developed a few rules:

Rule 18-A  (All Polls Must Be For Both Sexes- Male and Female) All  electronic polls posted  on DeadSkirts, must be constructed in a manner that allows all of its registered members, regardless of  gender, status, race, or any  other conditions, temporary, or permanent , to vote, because they is no way to verify  the acutual composition of any member / voter.

18-B.  (Limit The Number of Polls) No member or group of members may post more than 4 eletronic polls total in a months time.

18-C.  (Managment Turns on and off Polls) DeadSkirts Managment  will routinely  turn the poling system off , and on, to make sure it members does not suffer from  "poll burn out". 

18-D.  (Moderators Right To Adjust/Create Polls)   Moderator have  the right to adjust ,delete, or modify  any poll  for corrections on spelling , or to add addtional choices in your poll if they feel there is a problem, or the poll is too restrictive.

18-E.   (Moderator's Right To Remove a Poll) Moderator has a right to remove your poll is it does not make sense , is  too  poorly prepared, or in volation of any of the rules of DeadSkirts  to remain posted.

Section 19:  Resigning From DeadSkirts
ny member is free to leave DeadSkirts. However, if a member is leaving because he or she is protesting, or not happy with the action of management or it moderators, DeadSkirts will NOT let you use any of it boards to anounce any resignation in protest.  You may announce a resignation for non DeadSkirts protest reason only.  Unless some outside uncontrollable force stops a member, DeadSkirts does not loose members. Our members  only choose , when to post, when not to post, and how long to go without posting

19-A  (Posted Resignation/Long Term Absense Defined)  - For the purpose of  a posted resignation, or long term absence  will be defined as any notice posted by a member, on any of the DeadSkirts boards, stating  that he/she is going to leave the DeadSkirts boards, for an extended, prolonged, or unspecified period of time in which no near return date is stated.

Rule 19-B (No Posting Resignations/Exceptions)  Members are strictly prohibited from using any of the DeadSkirts Boards for purposes of  posting, relaying,  or transfering any resignation  because of the allegded actions of a  DeadSkirts member, moderators, or  it's owner.

19-C  (Posting a Resignation) Members are WELCOME  to announce on the ALL TOPIC  if they are leaving DeadSkirts  For any of the following reasons ONLY .
1.  A non DeadSkirts member forcing them to leave.
2.  Personal situations not related to the actions of  DeadSkirts Managment
3.  Medical Reasons
4.  Death in the Family
5.  Death of a Friend.
6.  Psychological Reasons unrelated to DS Managagment.
7.  Change of Location.
8.  Political Reasons .
9.  Any  Reason You do not wish to State.

Rule 19-D  (No Relaying of Resignations) --- No member may  anounce in any  form, or guise, any posted
text on the open boards of DeadSkirts  that implies,  suggests  or  encourages,  any  past, present, or future  resignations,  from of any member of  DeadSkirts,  that was  made in  protest of the actions of  it's managment , moderators, or it's members on the DeadSkirts open boards.  You may use the e-mail  for that purpose if you wish.

19--E  (Unanswered Resignations will be locked) ---  Provided a resignation meets Section 19- Rule B,  a resignation notice will be allowed to stay posted on the DeadSkirts "ALL TOPIC" board, but will be locked after  Four days if the member who posted the "resignation" does not return to answer the respondents who reply to that post.

Section 20: Suspensions 
Every effort is made to warn members before they commit violations on this board. However, sometimes it become necessary to suspend the privilge of a member to post on the boards because the violation was so serious, or repetious in order to protect the cohesion of the board, DeadSkirts supends that member. During a suspension all hyperlinks, signature lines, e-mail addresses,  electronic connections , products and services are prohibited from being posted on any  of the DeadSkirts public boards.

Rule 20-A   (Deleting Accounts)  DeadSkirts does not ban it's members , however if  it is determined that through the actions of any given member that is sufficent evidence that person is here for a  purpose other than having the fantasy death fethish or a genuine intrest it, his or her account must be deleted by  DeadSkirts Managment.

Rule 20-B (Maximum Suspension Length)  DeadSkirts does not ban it members. Suspension can be up to a maximum of  360 days

Rule 20-C  (Indefinite Suspensions/Banning)  A member who recieves a suspension in excess of  30 may be required to e-mail the owner after that 30 days have past explaining why they should be reinstated. In the case of Spammers any other person it has been determine is a continuous threat to DeadSkirts will be banned and every effort made to keep them for becomming a member in the future will be made.

Rule 20-D  (Voluntary Suspensions).  Managment shall not refuse any members request to have his or her account suspended until futher notice, if the member  make that request, or if the member shows an uncaring , indifferent attitude about their account being suspended. then  managment will have the right to suspend the account, until such member makes a written request to have it re-activated. .

Rule 20-E  (Secret Suspensions). Management reserved the right to suspend any member for a violation and not have it announced on any of the DeadSkirts Boards. The  suspended member will be notified via the e-mail system, however  in all cases.

Section 21:  Word Censors
The  DeadSkirts message  is equipped with word censors to edit certain words on the board. The purpose of DS choosing  to edit certain words was made because it was determined that those words were used offensively too often in there everyday language and not enough to show eroticsm.

21-A  (No Defeating The Word Censors)  No member may defeat the word censor system by  using HTML, making the word a root-word in a larger word, nor by any other electronic or graphic means.

21-B   (Certain Profane Words Are Edited) DeadSkirts prohibits  the use of certain profane words on any of its boards, unless they are in an edited form..  If you feel you must use those profane words in your posting, you may use them, provided they are not used in an offensive manner towards another DS member and does not come excessive.

Section  22  Advertising by A Regular member

Rule  22-A  (Restrictions on Advertising Other Death Fetish Sites)
Any member may mention the name of,  or  post the url, of any website anywhere on any of our public boards,  if it deals with fantasy adult deaths , provided  that website owned  by  an inactive, suspended, or resigned  member of  DeadSkirts, and it's not done in a prolific manner.

Rule  22-B (Advertising A Non-Paysite
) Any member may advertise a website that does not ask for money for it products or services, provided it is posted on the correct board, does not cover a prohibited subject matter, is on the correct DS board, and does not become prolific.

Rule 23-C  (Advertising A Paysite) Any member may advertise the existance of another non-death fetish website that asks for money to join, or buy it's products or services provided the subject matter is on the correct board, but may not use the board to promote it's individual products or services, unless they are authorized to do so by  DeadSkirts Managment.

Section  23.  Advertising  by DS Members/owners of  Paysites

23- A   (Higher Standard of Respect Is Required for Advertisers)   Members who are given the privilege to post and advertise their website on  DeadSkirts will be held to the same standards expected of  our moderators, and may not express excessive anger,  be excessively sarcastic, condesending,  and may not call any offensive names or adjectives,  to any of the regular members, but will  report violations of  conduct to the owner at  instead.

Rule 23-B  (Advertisers Are Prohibited From Bashing  Any Sexual Fantasies During Promotions)  No advertising member may suggest, claim, broadcast that  something is wrong with, or  bash, a sexual fantasy ,or  sexual fantasy video, while promoting or relaying information about their products and services, on the open boards of DeadSkirts.

Rule 23-C (Advertiser Title Limits)  Advertiser  Are Only Permited  To  State  Generally  They  Have a New  Product,The Title of that product, and the whether it is a sample, teaser, ppv (pay per view) or promo.

Rule 23-D  (Restriction on Posting On Members Threads)  No advertiser may create a post on another members thread for the sole  purpose of  providing links to advertising pages for his or her products or services.

Rule 23-E (Advertiser Post "Bumping" is Not Permited) Advertisers  are prohibited from replying to their own post for the sole purpose of  forcing it back to the top of the board unless they are responding to legit comments or concerns about their products by the members of DeadSkirts.  DeadSkirts reserves the right to  LOCK a topic if the promotion of a single product becomes to excessive.

Rule 23-F  (Advertiser Promotional Limits)  Members who are given the privilege of  posting  and advertising  their website on DeadSkirts.Com  are limited to  no more than  2 promotions of their product or products , every 7 calandar days.  CBN and JohnM  have a limit of  3 per week.

Rule 23-G (Advertisers Must Respond To Legit Concerns On Their Threads)   All  Advertisers are required to repond to LEGIT questions about their product or service, if a question is directed to them on a thread they started for the purpose of promoting that product or service.

Rule  23-H  (Advertiser Status or  DS Membership Taken Away For Serious Complaints)  Any DeadSkirts member who has been authorized to sell his or her products and services, or  the products and  services of another person, and has a number of substantiated complaints against them such as failure to handle complaints, not delivering on promise,  producing products or services, rude or disreptful to customers, or any type of fraudulent or criminal claims, will have their advertiser statue revolked and possible memebership to DeadSkirts revolked.

Rule 23-i  (ADVERTISER'S  WHO CAN NOT ABIDE BY SECTION 23.)  If an advertiser feels he or she can not abide by the rules of section 22. These are the options.

1.  You may give-up your status as an advertiser and become a regular member where your free speech rights increase and you a no longer required to answers questions , concerns, no do you have to accept criticism, from other members and long as you follow the other rules of civility on DeadSkirts.

2.  You may choose to leave DeadSkirts and post  a  resignation on the board, provided it is not realated to the actions of  DeadSkirts members, its moderators, or the owner.  For any reason, if you like you may submit your resignation to (the owner), if you feel you need one, and it will be passed along that you have left DeadSkirts, if you like.  179

Section  24.  Other message Boards

Rule  24 --- Outside  Website Status


A1. Co-Friendly Status  - A  website is considered by Managment to be  "co-friendy" is one it which  the managment of that site, or an authorized agent there of my freely  advertises there products on DeadSkirts with in the limitations provided by Deadskirts managment. They may also Freely mingle with the regular members of the site.

A2.  Probation Status
----  A  website on "Probation Status" may continue with is full advertising schedule and  program of interacting with DS members, however they shall be advise that they are taking part in activity that is designed to hurt, defame, impede, or obstruct the progress of DeadSkirts and  are hereby warn to stop, and not restart whatever anti DS activity they were involved in.

A3.  LImited  Status--
-  A website is considered to be on "limited" status,  can only post fee based products and services and whatever specific updates that are allowed, but are not allowed to mingle with  regular members beyond answering  product or service related questions. Noting in this rule shall restrict the non-agent, member of DeadSkirts  from giving objective reviews of  those products and  services.

A4. Rival  Status -----  A websites in considered as being on rival status, may not have it owners or any of it's members,  advertise , any of  their products, services, name, board operations, URL's on any of the DeadSkirts, boards. .

A5.  Neutral  Status  - A  website with nuetral status is one that is not affiliated with  DeadSkirts or the DeadSkirts, or the fantasy death fetish and may be freely talk about.

Rule 24-B  No Penatly for Posting Anti-DeadSkirts Comments on Other Sites.   Any member may freely pos, without penalty, post his or her opinions of  DeadSkirts and other matters out side of  the Deadskirts website, even if those opinions are different, or in opposition to what they posted on DeadSkirts in the past, as long as the intent in not  disrupt, threaten or hurt, DeadSkirts right to exist.

24-C  Prohibition Against Posting Comments Made On Other Site By DeadSkirts Members.   No member, may post, or quote,  any debating, conflictive, or  controversial statements of an active DS members from one site to the open boards of DeadSkirts.