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BioShock: Wonderful! Wonderful!

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PostPosted: Sep Tue 05, 2017 10:57 am    Post subject: BioShock: Wonderful! Wonderful! Reply with quote

A huge, huge, huuuuge thanks to OOAgent for pointing something out and course correcting/massively improving this story.

Part 1


Anna Kendrick as Nina Smith

Nina inspected herself in the mirror above her nightstand, her bright blue eyes shining as she shook out her dark, luxurious hair, admiring the way the pale, pink neon light from outside her apartment window fell upon it.

Johnny Mathis crooned from the record player as she turned, casting a critical eye on her dress, a black, form fitting number with gold accents, allowing just a hint of view of her generous cleavage.

A few years out of date, and somewhat well worn, but it wasn't like she could just order the latest dresses from Paris, she thought with a sigh.

She spun around, balancing on one repaired heeled shoe, half remembered ballet lessons from when she was a child floating to her mind.

Miss Kasimov had been quite hard on her, though it hadn't been a statement on her American heritage, she had been hard on all the girls. She had even told her once that she had a great destiny in store for her, that she would one day end up someplace utterly unique.

Well, that part had come true, at least, Nina thought sourly. The long and tangled road in trying to emigrate to a better place from the Soviet Union had led her young life to a place she never would have imagined in her wildest dreams.

Shaking herself out of her reverie, Nina reached for her hat. To her surprise, it was wet. She looked up and spotted the wet spot on the ceiling, an languid drip right above the hat stand.

"Dammit." Nina muttered.

Her last good hat, ruined. She could still remember the spiel about Olympus Heights that had convinced her to sink a sizable amount of her remaining money into securing an apartment lease. And the leaks had started in her very first month, an early warning sign of just how bad things would spin out of control.

But she wouldn't have to put up with it for long. Sighing, Nina picked up the revolver on the nightstand, flicking out the cylinder, verifying the rounds loaded inside. She spun the cylinder idly for a moment, before putting the revolver back down.

The pink glow from the window receded.

Nina walked to the window, looking outside at the bloom of jellyfish as they retreated out of view past the apartments.
For a moment, Nina just stood there, taking in the view of the city of Rapture, the towering skyscrapers straining towards the surface of the ocean miles and miles above them, tilted art deco statues leaning over trenches, faded and pitted electric lights for the Kashmir Restaurant, the Footlight Theater, Sinclair Solutions...

A memory came to her of the very first time she had seen the city, how she had just stood there in the bathysphere, frozen, her breath taken away from her, realizing that although she had been somehow, against all odds, been one of the lucky few chosen to join the city of Rapture.

Deep down, she hadn't really, truly, believed it, not when she had landed in Reykjavík, not when she and others had all been driven off to the coast under the cover of night, not even when she had walked onto the bathysphere, still clutching her letter of invitation, even when it had began it's plunge into the sea... being told of Rapture was one thing, seeing it in all its splendor was another.

An impossible dream come true, although none of them would have any idea how the dream would spiral into a nightmare...

Nina pursed her lips, trying to let the memories fade, and checked her pocket watch.
Quarter to seven. It was almost time. She looked back over at her nightstand. There were two items on it that would be indispensable for her finally managing to escape the city. One was the revolver. The other was a key, with a stylized cat figurine hanging off it's chain.

She placed both objects in her purse, took the needle off the record, stood up and opened the door to leave, taking a last look at her home for the past six years before she closed the door forever.

She hurried down the hallway to the elevator, looking around to make sure she wasn't being followed. The darkness unnerved her. More than half of the lights had burnt out or had been deliberately smashed.
Reaching the elevator, she hit the button. There was a low, grumbling creak, and she watched the numbers slowly light up as it made its slow journey to her floor.

A bosun's whistle cut shrilly through the air, and then a staticky screech from the apartment's PA system.

Nina grimaced as a cheerful man's voice echoed through the empty hall. One of the many propaganda playlets that were broadcast every day throughout Rapture. She had heard this one so many times she could say the lines by heart.

"Hey Mary, why so down in the mouth?" the cheerful man in the playlet said, obviously unable to comprehend anyone not being deliriously happy in such a wonderful place.

A worried woman answered him. "I don't know, Jim. I guess I just don't know how I feel about those Little Sisters."

"The Little Sisters? Gee! Don't you know they're the glue that holds Rapture together?" Jim said with conviction.

Nina rolled her eyes and pressed the button again. She thought she saw movement in the shadows at the end of the corridor. The pre-recorded message continued over the speakers.

"Really?" Mary asked, obviously hoping that the all-knowing Jim would set all her fears to rest.

"You betcha! Ryan Industries has seen to it that they're bred to be as happy as clams while they do the work that keeps us safe from the bandits and terrorists! We all need ADAM... and we all need the Little Sisters!"

The elevator door opened at the same time the message ended, and Nina quickly hurried in, almost running into a woman. The occupant of the elevator turned around, raising her head to inspect Nina.

"Oh, I'm sorry..." Nina's voice trailed off.

She couldn't tear her gaze away from the woman's dark eyes, staring at her from a too-smooth face, an almost wax-like, eerily symmetrical vision of perfection ripped from a fashion magazine, framed by perfectly coifed blonde hair.
The overt precision of the woman's face, and her cold beauty had an extremely unsettling effect, like looking at a living, breathing mannequin.

The woman's dark green dress was torn and mended in parts, and Nina realized with horror that she was holding in her right hand a long length of steel pipe, the end of which was dripping a dark, crimson liquid onto the faded carpet of the elevator floor.
Nina tore her gaze away from it, and was nauseated to see bulging tumors on the woman's legs, one of the many physical marks of a Splicer. She hurriedly lifted her gaze.

"Coming aboard, dear?" The woman asked politely.

Nina nodded numbly, and carefully stepped into the elevator, trying not to give the other woman too wide a berth, afraid of offending her. She clutched her purse, wondering how fast she could open it if she needed to.

Splicers... the men and women who had turned to ADAM and Gene-Splicing too much in the fall of Rapture, any desperate attempt to gain an advantage, or to survive. Scarring their bodies, and their minds.
Nina had seen and heard of far too many people fall to Splicer madness, to overdosing, and to each other as Rapture fell... and now she was stuck in an elevator with a Splicer.

"First floor, please." Nina said, trying to keep the fear out of her voice.

The woman hit the button and smiled brightly at Nina, revealing shining, perfect teeth before she began to speak again.

"So refreshing to see a young lady with manners nowadays. So many tramps and other undesirables infesting this fair city. Parasites... why, even the delivery boys have gone to the dogs, ordered a prime rib from the Kashmir, you should have seen it, obviously undercooked, and then the bastard had the nerve to ask for a tip, but I certainly straightened him out..."

The woman raised the pipe and casually flicked off a matted clump of hair.

Nina backed up in horror, hitting the wall. The other woman didn't seem to notice, and the doors opened.

"This is my stop, dear. Do take care of yourself." She said cheerily, lifting the pipe and exiting, whistling a jaunty tune.

Nina frantically hit the first floor button again, willing the doors to close before the woman changed her mind and came back for her, breathing a sigh of relief as they did.

Her heart pounding, Nina watched as the first floor number finally lit up, she rushed outside and leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. She unzipped her purse, reaching inside to grab the revolver, not noticing the tall figure emerging from the shadows to her side until the outstretched hand was descending upon her shoulder.

"Arrrrghhh!" Nina shrieked, dropping the revolver as she flung herself sideways.

With a sigh, the other woman stepped out from the shadows and knelt down, picking up the revolver and handing it back to Nina.

"Jesus Christ, Shelby, you almost gave me a heart attack." Nina said, clutching her heaving chest.
Shelby tsked in amusement, helping the smaller woman to her feet.

"You really ought to be more careful, sweetheart. With keeping an eye out, with that kind of talk, with having such a big gun for such a midget..." Shelby said lightly.

Nina flushed. "Well, you should be more careful with... with... being so hot and stuff..."

She groaned inwardly.

"Oh my, I've never heard such a devastatingly witty insult. I'm not sure I'll ever recover from such a mortal wound to my psyche." Shelby said, chuckling.

Nina tried to think of a response, but found herself instead admiring the other woman's beauty.
Even with the city gone to hell, somehow Shelby still managed to look completely stunning.

Elizabeth Debicki as Shelby DeLisle

This evening she was in a black, backless dress, accented with diamond jewelry, gifts from Jane, her much loved and dearly departed lover.
The dress showed a great deal of her pale, perfect skin, but was somehow still classy. Noticing Nina's admiration, Shelby smiled warmly and playfully twirled like a fashion model, running a hand through her jet black hair in a bob cut. She was even wearing make up, Nina noticed with envy. She couldn't remember the last time she'd seen that in a store.

Shelby was one of the rare people that always dressed to the nines and took advantage of their wealth without coming across as an a**hole, and she had become best friends with Nina from the moment they had first met years ago, when Nina had bumped into her at the Kashmir Restaurant and spilled wine over Shelby's dress.

She had thought she was going to die of embarrassment, but Shelby had just laughed it off, insisted that Nina join her when she realized Nina was eating alone, talked her into going with to a party the same night, and had been with Nina through thick and thin ever since.

She always knew how to put a smile on Nina's face, and had a gift for bringing out the best in others with her own optimism, despite the many and varied incidents, tragedies, and odd occurrences in her own life.

Nina was about to ask just how Shelby was planning on walking around with all that wealth on her, when she noticed the crossbow leaning against the wall where she had been waiting, an extended clip jutting ominously from underneath it, and various bits of steam powered machinery on the sides of the weapon and around it - the crossbow was a gift from Lydia, Shelby's much loved and dearly departed mistress.

Shelby picked up the crossbow and swung into a resting position under her arm.

Nina whistled at the sight. She knew that normally Shelby wouldn't hurt a fly, and just how much it took to rouse her to anger, but even she was intimidated by how Shelby looked now. This job might not be so tough after all, she allowed herself to hope.

"Where to, sweetheart? Atlas finally found Beroit and McKittrick?" Shelby asked as they walked towards the Bathysphere Station, passing heavy, sealed compartmentalized doors.
Nina idly remembered the days when the doors were open at all hours, allowing access to other areas of the city.

Nina nodded. "Hiding in the Fat Cat Lounge with their stash of ADAM. We get it to Atlas, he gives us a hefty payday, and smuggles us out of Rapture."

"Oh, that simple? Last time I checked, the Lounge's entrance off-limits. We're not just going to stroll in." Shelby pointed out.

"But they go in and out through the bootlegger's door... and I have a spare key." Nina said with pride, hefting her purse.

Shelby raised an eyebrow.

Nina scowled. "No, I'm not telling you how I got it. You laughed at me enough when I scored the tickets to Sander's concert by taking over the ballet classes that one time. It's enough that we're getting in." She cut off her rambling, face flushed red from embarrassment again.

Shelby smiled, holding up one hand in supplication. "All right, Nina. You got the key, we go go in, snatch the ADAM and get out. Easy as pie, then." Winking at Nina again, she sung softly.

"Why oh why, can't I have a slice of that pie, if Ryan can have it, why can't I..."

"You get on my case for saying something religious and you're singing banned songs?" Nina complained.

Shelby threw out her hand abruptly, stopping Nina in her tracks, Nina turned, thinking Shelby was joking around until she saw her serious expression.

Shelby pointed down, Nina looked at the ground and saw that she had almost stepped in a trail of blood.
A discarded black heel laid on its side.

Shelby put her finger to her lips and raised her crossbow.

Nina pressed herself against the wall and walked forward. The trail of blood led around a corner, the two women followed it cautiously at they ended up in the atrium that served as the waiting room of the Bathysphere Station.

It was a large, open space, the high, synthetic glass widows allowing more light during the daytime and a view of the city. Nina dimly noticed a whale swimming by in the distance, a sight that had rendered her speechless when she had first arrived in Rapture, and had all too quickly become boring and routine.

From the ceiling, a huge, brass relief statue of Andrew Ryan, the founder and ruler of Rapture, glared down at everyone imposingly. Underneath the statue, there was a red banner.
In bright gold print, it proclaimed "NO GODS OR KINGS ONLY MAN"

Turning her attention back to the trail of blood, Nina spotted the body. A woman in a blue dress was lying upright, her back propped against a vending machine, one arm, bloated from ADAM abuse, resting in her lap, the other outstretched and empty. Her brown eyes were open and staring sightlessly in shock. Her dress and body was torn by bullet holes, and a sign was hung around her neck.

"DEATH TO ATLAS'S SPIES" the skewed, hand painted letters said in red ink. At least, Nina hoped it was ink.

Nina shuddered in horror at the sight, but Shelby hurried forward.

"What are you doing?" Nina asked.

"She could have something on her-"

This time Nina was the one who grabbed Shelby.

Next to the vending machine, there was a bronze vent in the wall. In the darkness, two glowing yellow eyes stared out.

"Get back, get back," Nina said, as Shelby gaped and the two women hurried to hide behind a bench.

From the vent, a little girl's face, unnaturally pale and pallid, slowly emerged, blinking her glowing eyes. She squirmed out, a slight figure in a formerly bright pink dress, now faded and smudged with dirt, and she landed on the ground in her bare feet, dusting her dress off, holding up a device, with a huge syringe attached to a container of red, glowing liquid. ADAM.

Nina's eyes were drawn to the other end of the of the harvesting tool, where a baby bottle nipple resided. The sight of it clenched Nina's stomach.

"Look Mr. Bubbles, an angel!" The Little Sister said happily as she skipped toward the woman's dead body.

Somewhere behind them, Nina heard one of the doors opening, and a low, heavy groan, followed by thundering footsteps...

Shelby placed a reassuring hand on Nina's shoulder as the two turned, and the Big Daddy lumbered into view.

As always, Nina was awestruck by the sight of the giant figure, this one eight feet tall, the armored, heavily modified diving suit covering every inch of skin- she had heard tales of people who had been unlucky enough to see what was underneath the suit, she sincerely hoped they weren't true...

One arm ended in a massive mining drill. No matter how many of the Big Daddies Nina had seen over the years, she had never been able to tell whether it was simply the Big Daddy's hand vanishing into a gloved tool, or if the drill, horrible as it sounded to her, replaced the arm.

The Big Daddy's massive, helmeted head swayed from side to side, the eight eye ports all opaque, a glowing, sickly yellow light blocking all view of what ever was underneath the helmet.

The Big Daddy groaned again, a low, heavy sigh that echoed and bounced around the station, as it spotted the Little Sister and lumbered slowly over to her, watching over her protectively as she raised her syringe into the air, Nina's horrified eyes following it, a gleam of light reflecting off the needle before the Little Sister plunged it into the woman's corpse repeatedly, extracting the raw ADAM from her.

Nina turned away, sickened, as the Little Sister began drinking the ADAM greedily, the syringe end pointing up the ceiling as she glugged the liquid down.

"... sh*t, I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing that." Shelby muttered shakily under her breath.

"Let's get out of here." Nina said, spotting a Bathysphere, walking towards it as fast as she could without breaking into a run, Shelby close behind her, casting nervous looks backwards as the Big Daddy stood near the Little Sister, keeping his silent vigil.

The Big Daddy turned its head, watching the two leave, making Nina's heart race a little faster, but they were too far away for the Big Daddy to care about them anymore.

As Nina and Shelby entered the Bathysphere and closed the door, they could faintly hear the Little Sister singing.

"Mr. Bubbles, Mr. Bubbles, are you there, are you there... come and give me lollies, come and give me toffees, teddy bear... teddy bear..."

Nina shuddered, she'd never be able to hear Frere Jacques again without thinking of the Little Sisters.

Shelby leaned back against the wall, exhaling with relief as the Bathysphere began its automated course through the city, bringing them into the shopping and entertainment district.

Nina stared dully out the window, watching the buildings pass them by. She looked up towards the surface of the ocean with resentment.

It seemed ludicrous that the transportation around Rapture was the very same method they needed to escape the city, but she had heard enough horror stories about people trying to hack the vehicles into rising to the surface and being rewarded with the things exploding on the dock, summoning hordes of security bots that had shredded the unfortunate would-be passengers with volleys of machine gun fire, or, perhaps worst of all, only partially succeeding, and being brought to the surface too fast, their bodies rupturing from the deadly Bends, unable to handle the changing atmospheric pressure...

No, in order to leave, she and Shelby would have to use one of the few Bathyspheres left over from when people were still allowed to join the city, and those few were all in the hands of Atlas...

"So, what are your plans when you get back to the surface?" Shelby asked suddenly.

Nina looked at her in surprise.

"Honestly... I haven't thought that far." She admitted.

"All I want is to live in a place without leaks, without someone asking me where I grew up as a kid, and where robbers can't set you on fire or shoot lightning at you." Nina said ruefully.

"Well, they can still set you on fire, but they'd have to do it the old fashioned way." Shelby pointed out.

"Gee, way to look on the bright side, Shelby." Nina complained.

"Just saying. Still, at least you can make your own way if you want. Soon as I show up back in the US, I'll probably have half a dozen cousins all after me trying to get a slice of my inheritance." Shelby said, grimacing in distaste.

"And half a dozen men upset about my breaking their fragile little hearts... and a dozen women upset about the same..." Shelby continued, a fond little smile on her face as she remembered some of her previous dalliances and conquests.

"Geez, Shelby." Nina said, unsure whether to be annoyed, jealous, or impressed by her friend's love life.

"Maybe I'll let you pick a town for us, darling. After all, you did save us from going to the Kashmir's New Year's Party because you insisted I just had to try that little diner you found." Shelby said brightly.

Nina found herself torn between amusement and horror, thinking of how her impulsive decision, so spur of the moment, had saved them both from such a horrible fate.

She could still remember hearing the news on the radio about the New Year's Eve attack by Atlas's bandits that had sparked the civil war between him and Andrew Ryan, Shelby's face turning pale (or paler then usual, she amended) as the grim details were broadcast...

"Well, someone has to keep you out of trouble." Nina said, smiling back at Shelby. The two of them had gone through so much together, Nina couldn't imagine being apart once they made it to the surface.

Their thoughts were interrupted as the Bathysphere docked at the station, the door cycling through, and finally opening with a protesting groan of metal.

Nervously, Nina retrieved her revolver from the purse, as Shelby raised her crossbow.

The pair stepped outside, the gaudy lights from Rapture's entertainment district making Nina wince after the darkness of Olympus Heights. She immediately spotted the sign of the Fat Cat Lounge, in the distance, a few blocks across from the Metro Station they were standing in. The station itself seemed deserted, but looks could be deceiving, and Nina and Shelby hurried into the street.

They stopped short, across from them, there was a small group of men and women, their backs to the pair. Nina noticed with dismay that one of the men was carrying a Tommy gun.

But even as they watched the group in trepidation, the group's attention was caught by someone else, stepping into the street a distance away.

The figure carrying the Tommy Gun screamed in outrage.

"Sinner! You know what we do to Judases!"

He opened fire, as the person in the distance beat a hasty retreat. The rest of the group followed in in a sprint, calling out threats and insults to their unfortunate prey.

Nina exhaled in relief, then felt a measure of guilt, hoping their unaware and unfortunate helper would make his or her escape. Nina hefted her revolver nervously as she and Shelby crept towards the Fat Cat Lounge...


There was a smoldering corpse lying in the street in front of the Lounge, smoke still rising off it, towards the glass ceiling high above.

Nina couldn't help but stare at the body, wondering who the corpse had been in life, and what exactly had led to it being in such a state, as she and Shelby cautiously walked towards the side entrance of the Lounge, a three story art deco building, a mix of polished chrome and brick.

The back of it was built directly against the glass, allowing the visitors to the Lounge numerous views of the ocean.

The amount of windows at the front of the Lounge would have made Nina even more nervous, but the majority of them were bricked up, boarded over, or heavily curtained. There was no sense worrying about someone watching them approach, Nina decided.
They would probably assume that either the intruders would try to break in through the front, or would decide to clear off after seeing the body.

No doubt McKittrick and Beroit had left it there as a warning towards anyone attempting to enter the lounge. To Nina's amazement, as she and Shelby hugged the walls of the building, they could see that the front door was propped open with a crate, almost daring people to come in.

But the whirring noise emanating from the entrance, and the flashing green lights constantly in view told another story. It was a modified security turret, guarding the entrance. Anyone who crossed its path would meet a quick end as it opened fire.

Nina turned her attention back to the side of the Lounge, and she spotted the bootlegger's door, so smoothly built into the wall that one would a great deal of trouble finding it unless they knew exactly what to look for.

Smiling grimly, Nina ran her hand over the door, nodding when her fingers found the keyhole.

She reached in her purse, bringing the key up to the door-

She jumped, dropping her key, startled as the Public Address Announcement System rang out the shrill bosun's whistle.

Shelby rolled her eyes, bending over and handing the key back to Nina's shaking hands.

"Approaching a Little Sister is a criminal offense. Do not approach the Little Sisters." A woman's stern voice echoed throughout the city streets.

Nina pursed her lips in annoyance. As if anyone needed a stupid PA to know that. Crossing the path of a Big Daddy guarding a Little Sister was punishment enough, assuming that anyone unlucky, stupid or desperate enough to try that managed to somehow survived the experience.

She opened the door, her heart still racing as she slipped inside, Shelby right behind her, carefully closing the door, trying not to make a sound. She blinked, her eyes adjusting to the darkness inside the lounge, she stepped forward and ran immediately into Shelby's outstretched arm.

Shelby pointed down, at the tripwire, barely visible in the gloom. Nina swallowed hard. The pair living in the Lounge were clearly not just counting on the bootlegger's entrance not being common knowledge. Nina's eyes traveled along the tripwire, at the other end, she saw a jury-rigged bomb on the wall, various clockwork mechanisms and nails bound together.

"Damn... thanks, Shelby." Nina whispered.

Shelby nodded, raising a finger to her own lips as she carefully stepped over the wire, then turned and lifted Nina over it.

The two continued into the building, following the corridor into the main bar and lounge. Most of the lights were off, but there were enough still on to bathe the area in a soft, amber glow, the dark wooden chairs and bronze tables showing a glimpse of what the place had been like in its glory days.

The floor was in good condition, bearing none of the water stains from leaks that a great deal of the higher class buildings of Rapture dealt with, and was relatively free of debris, aside from a few stray empty bottles of wine and abandoned crates.
The bar was against the wall, a dizzying collection of various bottles in view. There was even a working jukebox, its own bright neon lights vying for attention.

Nina hesitated, wondering where to begin their search for the ADAM cache, when there was a heavy thump from the ceiling, followed by a faint, muffled scream.

Shelby raised her crossbow, pointing at a staircase leading up the second floor.

Nina bit her lip, feeling her heart pounding again as she followed Shelby, cautiously walking up the stairs, her crossbow at the ready.

The second floor was darker still, an open dance floor dominated most of the visible space, with private booths along the glass wall, which would allow light during the day. Right now, the ocean view was mostly an inky pool of blackness.

There was a large door with double handles in the middle of one faux-leather wall, and Nina saw a light from underneath it, blocked occasionally as a figure moved back and forth in the other room. Muffled voices could be heard behind the door.

As cautiously as she could, Nina made her way towards it, hunched over as Shelby covered her with her weapon. Nina reached out, gingerly grasping the handle, and opened the door, willing it not to creak as she edged it open slowly.

She peeked inside the room, and bit back a gasp.

Across from her, Beroit and McKittrick had their backs to her, their attention on a woman tied to a chair, in front of a smaller bar.
The blue and red mood lights in the room, combined with the masquerade masks the women were wearing, made for quite an unnerving sight. Nina beckoned Shelby over, then turned her attention back inside the room.

Kari Beroit, the younger of the partners, paced back and forth of the tied up figure, glaring at her from underneath her mask, divided in equal halves of black and white, her dark brown eyes blazing with fury, her silky, dark hair disheveled and hanging off her bare shoulder.

She wore a black and white feathered dress, it had once gone down to her ankles, but she had cut it savagely down to almost her hips, allowing her greater movement.
One of her long, shapely legs was bare, the other was still clad in a black stocking, worn and ripped.

Christa B. Allen as Kari Beroit

Adria McKittrick watched patiently from the bar, holding an extravagant, feathered and diamond bedazzled white mask to her face, her golden locks of hair tied up behind her head.
She was wearing a form fitting white dress with a plunging neckline, showing off a great deal of her mesmerizing décolletage.

Her legs, not as long as Kari's, but just as ravishing, were clad in sparkling dark stockings. She was shoeless, Nina absent mindedly noticed a pair of white high heels discarded on the floor, as if Adria had kicked them off.

Emily VanCamp as Adria McKittrick

Looking over Nina's shoulder, Shelby couldn't help but admire Adria's beauty. She must have had quite the restraint to keep from over-Splicing, Shelby mused, noting that Adria's body bore none of the marks or mutations that marked the majority of the Splicers running wild in Rapture.

Her skin was perfect, her face, from what Shelby could see behind the mask, could have been on an advertisement for Dr. Steinman's Aesthetic Ideals, and her lush, perfect, magnificent breasts were objects of wonder.

Why is it always the hottest ones that are crazy or evil? Shelby thought with a mental sigh.

Neither of the women were carrying a weapon that Nina could see, although if both were Splicers, they wouldn't need any, Nina thought ruefully.

She tilted her neck, trying to see if there was something within reach of Adria at the bar, and was distracted when Kari stalked back to the woman tied to the chair with rope, her arms behind her back.

Turning her full attention to her for the first time, Nina winced, the woman, a young, slender redhead in an aqua dress and hat, was panting heavily and slumped over.
Her skin was shining from sweat, and the top half of her dress was drenched with water, clinging tightly to her skin, her hardened nipples poking through the fabric.

Despite the woman's state, Nina could practically feel the anger and defiance rising off her. She had little doubt if the woman had not been tied up, her captors would be the ones in trouble.

Kari reached out with a snarl, yanking the woman's head up by the neck roughly with one hand. She raised her other hand, as if to slap her... her hand glowed a bright, vivid, blue from within, coursing along her veins, sparks of electricity dancing between her fingers.

"For the last damn time... where did you hide the cache, Judy?" Kari snarled.

The redhead stared back, her face lit up by the display, but she simply gave Kari a defiant sneer, her light green eyes blazing with anger.

Guest star Adelaide Clemens as Judy

"Go to hell." She spat.

Kari screamed in rage, and flung her hand out. A long arc of electricity jolted from her, playing over Judy's body, she screamed, convulsing in pain, arching her back, her breasts heaving frantically under her dress as she writhed in agony.

Nina clamped one hand over her mouth, the blood draining from her face. She raised her revolver in anger, but Shelby grabbed her arm, shaking her head, and mouthed something to her.


Well intentioned as it may have been, interrupting a homicidally angry Splicer was an extraordinarily bad idea if one didn't have a plan better then charging into the room guns blazing, and Shelby knew that Nina had never been in a true fight for her life.

Biting back a curse at the situation, Nina nodded in agreement, turning her attention back to the room.

Judy was panting, moaning softly, her bare legs and feet trembling.

"I'd do what my friend says, if I was you... she doesn't really have my patience, you know." Adria said idly, lowering her mask as she sipped from a glass of red wine.

"Where is it?!" Kari screamed suddenly, sending another burst of electricity through Judy. Judy screamed, her body shaking.

"Where-" Kari zapped Judy again. Judy's body was seizing in shock, her back arching wildly, her hat falling off her head, her hips and legs thrusting into the air, her toes twitching, her eyes rolled back in their sockets.

"Um, Kari, dear-" Adria said, trying to catch her attention.

"IS-" Kari screamed, using both hands this time, sending twin surges of electricity through Judy.

"Kari, sweetheart-" Adria said, raising her voice.

"IT?!" Kari screamed in rage, her hair floating in the air from the static charge, both arms glowing brightly as the lightning flowed from her, before the glow faded, her wild hair coming to rest on her shoulders.

She stood there for a moment, panting.

Judy was slumped over in the chair, her eyes staring blankly into space. Her body twitched softly from errant nerve pulses. A faint wisp of smoke rose softly from her.

Kari stared at her for a moment.

Shelby shook her head in regret, feeling a wave of guilt come over herself.

Nina had her free hand clamped over her mouth, trying not to get sick. She felt dizzy, she had been unfortunate enough to see people killed before as Rapture descended into chaos, but she had never seen death so up close before.

She couldn't believe it, how the young woman had been alive just moments before, how Kari had killed her just like that, what kind of insane, heartless monsters Splicers like her could be-

Kari burst into tears.

"Oh, Kari..." Adria said with a sigh, walking over to her and hugging her tightly.

"I did it again... sh*t, Adria, I didn't mean to... I screwed up... you told me not to get carried away..." Kari said between sobs.

"There, there, there. You just have to learn to restrain yourself... maybe you shouldn't have started with the Electro Bolt Plasmid..." Adria said, patting Kari's back.

"I'll tell you what, dear... you go pour yourself a drink, and I'll see if she had anything on her." Adria said brightly.

"You're not mad at me for ruining everything?" Kari asked, her voice shaky.

"Sweetheart, I could never be mad at my best friend in the world." Adria said affectionately, ruffling Kari's hair.

Kari hugged Adria back, sniffling, and walked over towards the bar, she climbed onto a stool and grabbed a bottle of wine, pulling the top off, she drank a large swig directly from the bottle.

Adria turned her attention back towards Judy's body. She shook her head in regret. She really should have taken charge of the interrogation, but Kari had just been so eager to help, and she found it so hard to say no to her.

Adria reached out, lifting Judy's limp, soft, wet neck, and then letting go, watching her head loll to one side, and peered into Judy's eyes, staring into nothingess, the pain and defiance gone. She was dead, all right.

And their chances of finding her cache of hidden supplies was likely just as dead. With it, they could have maybe bargained the cache and their own supply of ADAM to Atlas, and gotten smuggled out of Rapture, start a new life together on the surface...

Adria caressed Judy's soft face, tsking softly, then reached out and grasped her warm, soft breasts firmly, giving each a squeeze before running her hands down the sides of her dress.

Across the room, Nina watched with a mixture of fascination and revulsion.

"God, she's sick..." Nina muttered under her breath.

Adria was running her hands up Judy's legs now, reaching up her dress.

Shelby grabbed Nina's arm abruptly, squeezing her. Nina slowly turned towards her.

"Shelby, if this is a turn on for you, I'm really going to have to wonder-" Nina whispered.

Shelby scowled and pointed over towards Kari at the bar. Nina followed her gaze, and realized what had caught Shelby's attention.

Kari had brought something up from behind the bar. Not a weapon. A large, locked briefcase. Kari was running her fingers over the leather skin of it absent mindedly as she drank morosely from her bottle of wine.

Nina stared at the briefcase.

It had to be their supply of ADAM.

"That's it! I'm telling you, it's in there." Shelby whispered excitedly.

"You circle around and make a diversion, and I'll hide here, make a break for it soon as they leave the room..." Shelby said.

Nina nodded, feeling her excitement growing. They could slip out with the ADAM before the other two women even noticed anything wrong...

Nina straightened up, reaching out to close the door, when she heard a gasp, and then a loud thump behind her.

Her heart leapt into her throat. She turned around, Shelby had tripped over a stray bottle and went sprawling onto the floor. Her horrified eyes met Nina's.

Inside the room, Adria turned around, tearing her attention away from Judy's body.

"What was that?" Kari asked nervously, leaping off the stool, clutching the briefcase to herself protectively.

Adria opened her mouth, about to say she didn't know, when something caught her eye.

"Kari, dear... did you leave the door ajar like that?" Adria asked.

Kari shook her head. "I... don't think so..."

They both approached the door warily, taking a moment before Adria pushed it fully open...

To Be Concluded...

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PostPosted: Sep Wed 06, 2017 3:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh wow, amazing work Jack. This is definitely one of the most inventive and creative stories I've read here and your vision for this alternative 1959 dystopian undersea world is fascinating, well realized and exciting. The writing is skillful, thoughtful and detailed and the atmosphere is palpable and Rapture feels at once alive and terrifying. clapping clapping clapping

The character work is your usual excellent self, they are well rounded, likable, believable and hot, so very hot. Nina and Shelby make a fine duo and man do they look the parts too. Very Happy loveheart loveheart loveheart But poor Shelby, how many dearly departed are there in her past?

The suspense and building tension is excellent and again the world is so richly described that I feel pulled into some really cool and messed up fantasy novel... and it feels very novel like in tone and writing which is most impressive. An the horror images of the death addict being drained for the adam was quite an unsettling image.

Judy's death at Kari's over-eager hands was really hot and well done swift and effective and I loved adria's calm attitude and affection for her partner and her search of the body sure was pleasing... hope someone returns the favor to her ten

Kari is very sexy and fun villainess and together with Adria they make a thrilling duo I cannot wait to see our heroes square off against and the cliffhanger was edge of my seat exciting, I ache for more. Very Happy

But I must speak specially on Adria, obviously I adore Emily vancamp so I come into this pre-disposed to be awed by Adria but your writing of her, the set up, her calm yet obviously dangerous nature, her exquisite beauty and how she is described and that dress and most of all those stockings... her ditching her shoes nearly made me lose it and faint... JUST OH MY GOD. Its not often I've been this overwhelmed by a character this fast and been this utterly thrilled and excited by the prospect of what might happen next... just floored by her utterly, can't say how much I look forward to the next part. loveheart loveheart loveheart

Great work, look forward to more
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PostPosted: Sep Fri 08, 2017 8:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Really well written- good work!

Bioshock was such a good game.
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PostPosted: Oct Thu 12, 2017 7:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I swear that pic of anna looks like salma hayak.

Why can't we see a pic of her generous cleavage.

Good: very well written and detailed and colorful story.

Bad: I am not familiar with the source material so a lot of it didn't make sense to me; Rapture, Splicers, Little Sisters and electric women, and all. I got lost.

Maybe this story isn't for me. Again, lot of cool detail and obviously a lot of thought into it and well written but a very strange setting and I had trouble following.

Also, maybe if there had been more action, I'd have been more interested but not much DS.
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PostPosted: Oct Sun 15, 2017 2:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Damn, thanks a lot. Really can take very little credit for the inventive and creativeness, and none at all for the dystopian world as it's just my playing around in someone elses world. Very little of the atmosphere is mine either, as Rapture is all the game.
Sorry to say even the Reykjavík thing is directly from the game/lore and not from me. :C

As the main cast is all my inventions, I will take full credit for that. :P
Except for Ryan and Atlas.
I always worry the characters aren't rounded or likable or believable enough...
Thought Nina and Shelby were too cliche when I wrote them...

Shelby has a few...

Again, can't really take credit for the world at all or the tension. BioShock is about one of the most intensively atmospheric games ever, really the Blade Runner of games.
Hope some of the suspense was from me...
Don't think there was a person who didn't have their jaw drop the first time they saw a Little Sister harvesting a corpse for Adam.

Well, that's a surprise that you liked it so much... realized about half way through that I'm terrible at electrocution deaths but wrote too much of it at that point to change it without having to re-write even more to change Kari's Plasmid...
Glad to hear though, I always try my best with Adelade Clemens.

I really wanted to get across the care Adria had for Kari, and for fans of the game, to reinforce that Splicers have not yet degenerated to the point of BioShock 1 yet.

Although as OO also pointed out to me, there's a pretty decent argument to be made that a great many Splicers are simply falling to their own instincts and absolute power corrupting, rather that Splicing/using Plasmids drives them insane.
It's equally possible that the substance Adam/Splicing made them insane, or that it just gave them an excuse to be.

Glad you liked the search, and we'll have to wait and see how that turns out... :P

Kari was quite a joy to write, but again, I can't take all the credit, as I wanted to capture some of the tragic villainy of Splicers and how one could be alluring, extremely dangerous and regretful all at once.
I always liked how one realized how many of the Splicers were genuine teams or families and that even crazed villains had tight bonds and survived a place like Rapture together.

I am honestly a bit stunned that Adria came across so well to you, did try hard with Emily and all as she's also one of my top favs, but I was worried it came out with Kari and Adria being almost interchangeable and just different sterotyped personalities with the fiery one and the cooler one.
Well, one doesn't survive in Rapture without acquiring some measure of danger...
Not sure how I managed that with her descriptions... and the dress was from the pics... and I just gave her stockings since most of the female Splicers had stockings... and I just thought she wouldn't wear heels to an interrogation session...
.... kind of worried now... :S


Thanks so much, glad you liked it, hope you like the next part.

Yeah, BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, all there in my very top favs. I will definitely murder Kevin Levine if I ever run across him for BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea, though. >sad


Sadly it's hard sometimes to get a pic that both matches a specific time period and has generous cleavage.

Glad you like the writing and details.
Really sorry I couldn't get the source material across to you. I'll try to show you a bit of it to you later, but I guess it kind of defeats the purpose if it can't stand on its own, really tried hard to get as much across as possible to anyone who hadn't played or was aware of it with the propaganda playlets from the game and the talk of the backstory and the characters reacting to or remembering things.

I also probably should have just stated it was a BioShock story in the title, but I got too clever for my own good and went for the song connection to the games as well as wanting to grab people who weren't aware of the game with the reveal of Nina looking out the window and Rapture being a city under the sea... but I guess picking a Johnny Mathis title probably dissuaded a lot of people from looking at it at all. sad

Unfortunately as I have less DS interests I think my stories are starting to follow suit so they end up more just fanfiction. But now they're too DS-y for fanfics, and too fanfic-y for DS stories, so not really for either group of readers sadly.

To everyone:

Polishing the conclusion now and hope to have it up as soon as possible.
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PostPosted: Oct Sun 15, 2017 9:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey my pleasure and yeah I was totally pulled into it. You playing in someone else's world or not, you still deserve all the credit for the way you incorporate it so well into your thing and make it feel genuine, as you know I've played in others world's myself a lot like with Batman and Bond and I know tricky it can be.

As for the source, I don't know it obviously and sure some nods went over my head but I felt the world and its atmo was clearly defined and I found it easy to follow it and the writing is vivid and clear and detailed and paints with its feeling and atmosphere. And the character work was excellent, they all came off clearly and indevidually. We all have special strengths as writers and I think yours is atmosphere and character.

The electrocution was really hot and well done and it sold the danger as well as Kari's lack of control and the contrast between her and Adria. And it has lovely details that painted a picture.

My god Adria, I am just overwhelmed. Yes I adore Emily so she brings a certain attachment as the special ones do and yes the pic with the dress certainly is amazing and helps but I think you really established her as likable and caring ontop of being a ruthless villain makes her much more interesting and adds emotional levels to it... and how you describe her is beyond thrilling and again the stocking stuff... OH MY GOD. And I am just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for what follows, No

No need to be nervous though, I've never disliked or been disappointed with anything you've done... you do have a way of making the most out of things and hitting the right notes that is always amazing. I do revisit your stories and some death scenes very much so. Very Happy Of the top of my head... Sophie and amy in the terminator one, Ashley in the spy one, Dakota and chyler in the witness and Megan Fox in Turnabout... are probably my favorites or my most revisited at least.

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Part 2

The dancing room was empty, and Adria and Kari looked around nervously.

"OK... if anyone got in, either the turret is on the fritz, or one of those damn Spider Splicers climbed in through the roof." Adria said in annoyance.

"sh*t, what do we do?" Kari asked.

"I'll check out the roof, you see if the turret is working... don't see why it wouldn't be though, you're so good with tools." Adria said, a note of fond admiration in her voice.

Kari fairly swelled with pride, and nodded. "Be careful. Those frigging Spiders always give me the creeps." She said.

"Always, dear. Watch your back too." Adria said, playfully brushing her hand over Kari's shoulders, before she turned around and ran up the stairs.

Underneath a table, Nina carefully lifted the battered tablecloth, peeking out. Adria was gone, and Kari was still standing in the middle of the room, drumming the fingers of her free hand on her leg as she looked around, holding the briefcase.

Nina turned her attention to a darkened booth across from Nina. She could barely see Shelby, hunched down behind a crate as best she could.

She turned her head again, and found herself staring directly at Kari's legs.

She froze, just for a moment, before frantically cocking back her revolver, and to her horror, before she could pull the trigger, Kari reached down.

There was a bright, blinding spark of light, and Nina felt her entire body go rigid momentarily, an incredible tremor of pain shoot through her, and her vision went white and blurry, glowing afterimages confusing her.

She could feel her fingers burning, and she reflexively flung the revolver away from herself. Seconds later, there was a dull, heavy bang, like a firecracker, as the primer inside the bullets cooked off.

Numbly, Nina thought she was lucky she hadn't lost her fingers or hand, only to realize she likely was not going to be in a situation to appreciate her luck for much longer as Kari pulled her out roughly from under the table.

"You little sneak- did Atlas send you? Cohen? That quack Steinheim?" Kari snarled.

"Nobody sent me- eegh-" Nina gasped as Kari squeezed her neck tightly.

The strength in Kari's hand was incredible, Nina could barely breathe, fighting to get in any air. Her breasts heaved under her dress, her heart pounding.
Nina kicked her legs helplessly, her heels dangling off the ground.

The pressure was increasing, the pain building through her body before Kari abruptly dropped her. Nina landed on the ground with a thud, shaking her head to clear it, massaging her neck frantically, she looked up helplessly as Nina raised her arm.

"I'll be more careful this time... you'll talk, right after you get a few thousand volts right through- URRK-" Kari gasped, her body going abruptly rigid. Her lips parted in surprise, her brown eyes going wide behind her mask.

She looked down.

There was a thin, metal bolt embedded between her breasts, quivering with movement. Droplets of blood fell from the crimson arrowhead, onto the floor, in front of Nina.

Dropping the briefcase onto the floor, Kari grasped the bolt with both hands, in disbelief, an expression of shock and dismay spreading across her face, which was turning almost as white as half of her mask.

A trickle of blood came out of the corner of her mouth, she coughed violently, and then collapsed to her knees, her body swaying.

She looked dully behind Nina, and Nina turned, following her gaze, and saw Shelby standing there, her face an turmoil of emotions, shock, sadness, pride, even regret as she kept the crossbow leveled at Kari with shaky hands.

Nina looked back at Kari, on her knees, a rapidly developing bloodstain darkening the feathers of her dress.

Kari's brown eyes, full of shock and pain, met Nina's.

"I hate this city..." Kari moaned.

Her vision was fading, fading into darkness, and she could barely feel the pain that had been so intense throughout her entire body just seconds before. Moments before the darkness completely enveloped her, she felt a wave of regret hit her, that she had let Adria, sweet Adria who had always looked after her, down.

Kari fell over onto her side, a last ragged exhalation of air forced between her crimson stained lips. Her eyes stared blankly into nothingness.

"Holy sh*t, Shelby." Nina blurted out, as Shelby hurried towards her, pulling her to her feet.

"Damn... guess all those days of skeet hunting paid off." Shelby said. She grinned shakily, then blanched as she looked at Kari's body. She had never killed anyone before. She tried to keep her emotions in check.

Nina needed her, even more now that she had lost her weapon. They had to find the key to the briefcase and get out before Adria came back down, there was no telling what Atlas would do if the ADAM wasn't really in the briefcase, or, worse yet, it was and they broke it trying to force open the lock.

"C'mon, we have to search her..." Shelby said, kneeling down besides Kari's body.

Nina nodded, although she was sure her face was turning green. She reached out, patting Kari's stocking clad leg, reaching inside the hem. There wasn't anything in there, and she lifted Kari's leg, taking off her heel and shaking it.

Next to her, Shelby was reaching down the top of Kari's dress, wincing as she tried to avoid the still spreading, sticky red blood. She felt nothing besides the soft warmth of Kari's full breasts, her hardened nipples brushing against Shelby's palms. She felt another wave of regret, thinking ruefully of how much pleasure her skilled hands and fingers could have wrung from Kari's body while she was still alive.

If Kari and and Adria hadn't been so paranoid, she could have probably found a way to steal the ADAM with just one night alone with one or the other. Or both, she thought sourly.

She could still remember one secretary back in the States, amongst one of the many, many screaming supplications (both to Shelby and to whatever deity that was on her mind at the time) during their night together, she had offered Shelby blueprints to the newest car model at Chrysler, much to Shelby's baffled amusement.

And now here she was, years later, in a city at the bottom of the sea, having broken a beautiful young woman's heart in the literal sense. Shelby tore her gaze away from the crossbow bolt, still protruding from Kari's chest.

"I got nothing." Nina said, dropping Kari's soft delicate foot.

"Same here." Shelby said. On impulse, she reached out, taking off Kari's mask. She was a gorgeous young thing, she noted with regret, even with Kari's last sorrowful expression frozen on her face. Shelby gently closed Kari's eyes. She looked her over, she was on her back now, but her torso was slightly off the ground from the bolt propping her up.

She thought about trying to remove the bolt, but a vision of being sprayed with blood came to her, and of Kari's body jiggling lewdly as she worked it out. There were only a few bolts left, but she'd have to make due with those, she thought with regret. Besides, they still had to deal with-

Shelby and Nina whirled around as they heard footsteps descending down the stairs.

"Kari, dear, one of the boards was loose, I sealed it up... are you down here? Is the turret OK?" Adria's voice called out.

Nina grabbed the briefcase off the floor, looking at Shelby in panic.

Shelby pointed at their previous hiding places, and mouthed ambush to Nina. The two scrambled back to where they had been minutes before, Nina making sure to yank the tablecloth down further this time.

"Kari, what are you doing?" Adria said with annoyance, walking into the dance room.

Almost immediately, her eyes fell upon Kari, sprawled out on the floor, her arms at her side, her legs slightly spread.

"Oh no, no..." she said with dismay, hurrying towards Kari.

She knelt down, reaching out shakily, her trembling hands touching Kari's soft neck as she looked in horror at the bolt impaling her, the front of her dress now dark from blood, Kari's eyes closed, as if she was sleeping.

There was no pulse.

Adria bit back a vehement curse, feeling a wave of emotions crash into her.
She had always looked out for the younger woman, keeping her safe as Rapture fell into anarchy and chaos, insisting for the longest time they stay away from Plasmids, before she had Spliced herself in order to guard the pair of them better.

She could still remember the first time she had given in to Kari's pleas, allowed Kari access to Plasmids, for her own protection, insisting on monitoring each and every use, sheltering her from the worst effects.

OK, so undoubtedly some of the psychological drawbacks had hit Kari a bit hard, but it had been better to be someone shaky and alive then fully mentally sound and dead... but now Kari, sweet Kari who had been the life of the party, who had loved her like a sister, was dead anyway...

Adria felt rage, pure, blinding rage boiling through her body. She stood up, her whole body shaking. Kari had died only moments before, odds were good her killer, or killers, were still in the building...

Nina was crouched under the table, trying to keep her breathing steady as she clutched the briefcase to herself. She couldn't see out of the thick cloth, and was too afraid to give herself away by moving it.

Shelby held the crossbow steady, the iron sights aimed at Adria's back. Her finger was on the trigger... but to her shock, she couldn't pull it.
It just didn't seem right, to kill Adria with her back turned, she had seemed so distraught feelings over the death of her younger companion.

Shelby would wait, just a moment longer, until Adria turned around... she wouldn't really see it coming, but Shelby couldn't bear to be like one of the crazed Splicers, or worse, the bandits, terrorists and crazy people that didn't even need the excuse of Splicing to kill in Rapture...

She kept her finger on the trigger as Adria began to turn around... and then a pink glow suddenly poured through the glass wall behind her...

For a second, just a second, Adria saw the glow reflect off something in a booth, the light refracting off something like jewelry, and she instinctively flung herself to the side, as hard as she could, and felt a brief gush of air pass over her neck, something very fast traveling at great speed, and before the bolt hit the wall where Adria had been standing, and before Adria even hit the ground, she had flung one hand out-

Shelby was swearing under her breath, trying to keep the sights of her crossbow on Adria, when she suddenly realized the table in front of her was lifting off the ground.

And so was she.

Her heels was dangling off the floor, and she kicked out helplessly, she gasped as she was yanked upwards by one leg, her heel flying off, the blood rushing to her head as she was suddenly twisted violently into the air, as if a giant, invisible hand was grasping her, she was spinning, she desperately tried to aim at Adria, pulling the trigger, but the bolt went far wide, the crossbow slipped out of her fingers, and then she was hurling towards the wall at an incredible speed, colliding with it at an angle-


The sharp, violent noise of the bones in Shelby's neck breaking from the impact of her body against the wall echoed throughout the room.

Shelby slid down the wall, and landed harshly on the floor, her legs and arms flying up, her body jolting violently from the hard landing. She couldn't move.

She felt no pain, only a heavy, warm feeling of tightness across her entire body. Her view of the room was skewed at an odd angle, she saw Adria walking towards her, a savage grin of triumph across her features. And behind Adria, a pale, stunned face peeking out from underneath a table cloth.

Nina. Poor, innocent Nina.

Shelby felt a wave of sadness hit her, not for her own impending death, but for Nina, now all by herself... but Nina was stronger then she really knew, she thought.

Shelby struggled to say something, but her own strength was rapidly leaving her.

The room, which had been lit by the bloom of jellyfish- whoever thought they could kill without even touching you, Shelby wondered in annoyance- was growing dark and Shelby realized it wasn't from the jellyfish leaving, it was her own vision fading.

There was something she had to do, but she could barely remember it, it was floating around, like the jellyfish outside the window, something intangible, and she struggled to grasp onto it. Nina. She had to warn Nina.

She pursed her lips, and with her last conscious thought, mouthed a word in Nina's direction.


The darkness closed in on Shelby, and the last thing she saw before it enveloped her completely was Adria leaning over her.


Adria looked over the limp body of the woman, admiring her. Her fine black dress had been hitched up from her landing, allowing a peek of her matching lace lingerie. Her pale legs were bare, and Adria noticed an expensive heel on one foot. Adria crouched besides the woman, reached out and slipped her heel off, running her hand over the woman's soft foot absent mindedly as she admired her beauty, she was quite tall, and her features would have been quite lovely if it wasn't for the unnatural angle of her broken neck.

Her vivid green eyes stared blankly at Adria, her red lips were parted slightly.

Adria ran her hands over the woman's dress, feeling the soft warm flesh underneath, her fingers danced lightly up her chest, over the silken swell of her breasts, she grasped the top strap of the woman's dress and tore it hard, admiring the view as the woman's pale breasts jiggled softly, her pink nipples pointing up at her-

She heard a noise behind her, a soft, cut off intake of air, like a young woman clamping her hands over her mouth after gasping at a horror movie.

Adria turned around.

She saw nothing, and looked around, nervously at first, then bolder as she stood up, daring whoever was with her to make a move.

"Hey... whoever is out there, you killed my best friend." She said, feeling a fresh wave of anger hit her.

"Best friends don't grow on trees down here, you know. You're going to pay for that... you're going to burn for that." Adria said, raising her hand.

It began to glow, a bright orange, and as she watched, the flesh crackled and burned, a nimbus of fire erupting between her fingers.

She fought back an urge to shudder, she had never gotten used to the display, even knowing that her hand would return to normal once she ceased using the Plasmid.

She walked around the room, letting the fire play across her hand as she peeked into booths and behind crates.

"Hiding, are you... it won't help... come on out, dear... we can have some real fun." Adria said with a chuckle.

She whistled boldly, a familiar melody coming to her, and she lazily ran her other hand across a table, drumming her fingers over it, passing her burning hand close to it, almost igniting the cloth.

"I kicked the habit... shed my skin..." Adria sang as she approached another table.

She slammed her hand down. Nothing happened, and she turned, walking slowly towards a third table, still singing.

"This is the new stuff... I go dancing in...ohhh, won't you show for me, I will show for you-"

There was a burst of movement to her side, and Adria turned, and threw her hand out.

Nina ducked as she ran frantically towards the stairs, clutching the briefcase to herself, she hissed as she felt the fireball pass over her, the heat enveloping her skin, a few inches lower, and her hair would have ignited- she felt a sudden sense of relief that she had been unable to wear her hat-

"Come back here, you little bitch!" Adria shouted.

Fat chance, Nina thought as she took the stairs two at a time, terrified of losing her balance, or of dropping the briefcase. She wished she had been able to go for poor Shelby's crossbow, but Adria had always been between it and her... poor Shelby... Nina blinked back tears as she ran to the first floor, all too aware of Adria running after her.

She abruptly halted at the corridor, remembering the trip wire, she looked around frantically, and then barely saw it in the darkness, she ran towards the door, and leaped over the wire. "Hey-" Adria called out behind her, and Nina realized Adria was afraid of setting the bomb off herself- probably worried the shrapnel would hit her as well...

And then Nina was at the door and she reached out, grasping the handle and shoving it open, she was on the street, past the corpse, no longer smoking, and then Nina almost tripped as she felt something grasp at her legs, then let go.

The corpse went flying past her, and Nina shrieked, and put on a fresh burst of speed.

"sh*t!" Adria cursed. Using Telekinesis on somebody that was moving was a lot harder then it looked, she thought darkly, she had only briefly got a hold of the the fleeing woman before grabbing the corpse nearby her by mistake.

She felt a wave of dizziness and fatigue hit her, and groaned, stopping her flight momentarily to lean against a wall as her vision blurred... she had been using Plasmids too much... but she couldn't let the other woman escape, she had disappeared around a street corner, and Adria fought down the feeling of disorientation, hobbling after her, concentrating on her rage, letting it push all other feelings away.

Nina ran without thought, barely conscious of the streets around her, when she abruptly stopped.
There was a woman standing in front of her, smoking a cigarette.

Something about her struck Nina, even in her haze of adrenaline and fear.
It wasn't her beauty, although she was certainly gorgeous, or her odd blue and white dress, which looked brand new.
There was a calming, almost supernatural presence to her, a wisdom in her bright, sparkling blue eyes that looked Nina over as if she had known her all her life.

Unknown as Elizabeth.

The woman smiled warmly, reassuringly at Nina, and pointed at an alley.

"You'll find that a much safer path." She said.

Nina looked at the alley, and gasped. A Little Sister was emerging from it, skipping happily.

"Lady, are you nuts-" Nina turned around.

The woman wasn't there.

She stared for a moment.

"You're dead meat!" Adria howled from somewhere behind Nina.

Nina ran into the alley as fast she could, having no desire to either stick around for Adria, or run into whoever, or whatever, that strange woman had been.

The Little Sister shrieked in fear as Nina ran past her, almost close enough to touch her, and Nina heard an angry, low groan of anger, the Little Sister's Big Daddy must have been nearby-

And then she saw it, a little alcove in the alley wall, barely small enough to fit in, and she crouched and crawled into it, blocking it with the briefcase...

The Big Daddy emerged out of the darkness, its eye ports glowing a vivid, angry red, its helmeted head looking around for whoever had dared to upset its Little Sister...

Adria ran around the corner and collided with the Little Sister.

They went down in a tangle of arms and legs.

"Oh God, get off me, you freak-" Adria groaned in disgust, recoiling, shoving the Little Sister off her.

The Little Sister bolted away. "MR. BUBBLES!" She cried out, clambering as fast as she could into a nearby vent, vanishing from view.

Adria froze.

The Big Daddy was standing above her, looking down at her.

It let out a deafening bellow of rage, and reached down, grabbing Adria by the neck, lifting her off the ground.

"Urrrkkk-" Adria groaned.

Her stocking clad feet kicked helplessly in the air, as Adria pounded on the Big Daddy's arm, before her own hand ignited again, Adria desperately sending a weak torrent of fire into the Big Daddy's head, which it shrugged off, the heat washing over it harmlessly, it merely roared in anger, before the flames died away.

"Grrrkkk-" Adria gasped, her full, heavy breasts heaving frantically, almost spilling out of her tight dress as she writhed, her body bucking desperately, her hips thrusting into the air.

Her face was turning red, her mouth forming an O as she struggled to breathe, each desperate intake of air shorter then the one before. Her tongue was forced out between her lips, a slow stream of spittle spilling from the corner of her mouth.

Adria's entire body was shaking as she was dangled in the air, the Big Daddy slowly squeezing its fist, as Adria helplessly beat her hands against it, with all the effect of trying to empty the ocean with a bucket, her empty fists pounding against the hard, cold unrelenting metal of the armored suit.

Her toes wriggled inside her stockings as her legs trembled, her thighs burning from exertion as her body spasmed helplessly.

Adria's heart was pounding hard, so hard, her chest felt like it was on fire, the sharp, constricting, suffocating pain of her throat and neck spreading throughout her in crescendos of agony, she grasped onto one finger of the Big Daddy, the sensation of the cold metal an odd contrast to her warm hands, trying to dislodge it with all her weakening might, gasping, choking, her vision spinning around her, she could barely see from it, and from her own wet hair sticking to her face and neck.

She was dimly aware of another kind of heat spreading through and enveloping her body, in sharp contrast to the pain and pressure, something more familiar and pleasurable, and as she felt a warm wetness in her lace panties, she realized her body was reacting to the asphyxiation with waves of euphoria, as if she was in one of her many trysts before the fall of Rapture, rutting basely in some secret corner of Dionysus Park with a handsome man or beautiful woman, instead of where she was now, having the life strangled out of her by the faceless monstrosity before her.

She arched her back hard from a new spasm of pain, her face reddening more, her flushed breasts spilling out of her tight dress as if crying for release, jiggling in the air, her hardened nipples on full display, every inch of skin glistening with beads of sweat.

Adria writhed sinuously, her bare breasts shaking in the air, one arm sliding helplessly off the Big Daddy's arm as the last of her strength faded away, her stockingclad feet shaking in the air.

The pressure increased overwhelmingly, and there was a dull, wet snap, as her windpipe broke.

Adria's entire body arched in a jolt of adrenaline, her legs kicking out frantically.

It's not fair... she thought dimly, as her vision flashed in a kaleidoscope of bright colors.

Everything was fading, and she briefly saw Kari, reaching out towards her, and she felt a last wave of surprise, happiness and regret before everything turned black.

The Big Daddy abruptly let go, losing all interest in Adria the moment she ceased any ability to be a threat to anyone, and Adria crashed backwards to the ground, her arms and legs flying up briefly.

Her body twitched briefly, her toes curling from errant nerve impulses. Her bloodshot eyes were wide and staring blankly, her last moments of shock and pain recorded forever on her face.

The Big Daddy slowly trudged over to the vent that the Little Sister had disappeared into, pounding on the side of it with its fist, once, twice, craning its head, the Big Daddy let out a sorrowful groan, before walking slowly away, into the city streets, searching for a new Little Sister to protect and guide.

Nina pushed the briefcase out of her way before grasping it as she cautiously approached Adria's body. She clamped her hand over her mouth, feeling a wave of nausea hit her.

Yes, the woman had killed Shelby, and she still felt an under current of hatred towards her, but she still couldn't help but felt a little pity for her as well as she looked down at her body, her reddened face, her lips flecked with drool, her eyes staring, her legs spread wide, her bare, magnificent breasts on full display.

Nobody still living in Rapture was the same person they had been when they first came to the city, and she wondered if Adria and Kari would have turned out the way they did if they had rejected the letter inviting them.

Gingerly, Nina knelt down next to Adria, hesitantly, she reached out, gingerly patting her side, trying to work up the nerve to search her.

Nina ran her hands over Adria's sides and hips. Feeling sorry for Adria being exposed, she worked the strap of her dress back on, and shoved her sweaty bare, full breasts back inside, fighting back a shudder of revulsion- at least she hoped it was revulsion- as the warm, soft and wet flesh pressed against her hands, Adria's rock hard nipples brushing against her palms as she worked them back inside Adria's dress, trying not to stare as they jiggled.
She couldn't help but feel a sting of jealousy at the sight.

Nina lifted Adria's delicate foot, running her hand over it, she felt nothing besides the fine fabric of the stockings, and Adria's toes.

She grasped Adria's dainty ankle, and ran her hands up her leg, wincing in disgust as she went up Adria's dress and discovered the wetness of Adria's arousal.

Steeling herself, Nina reached further up Adria's dress still, her fingers trembling as she brushed her hand against Adria's drenched panties, feeling the warmth of her womanhood.

She withdrew her hands, patting it against Adria's bare skin above her stocking, before repeating the process with Adria's other leg.

She felt something in the hem of Adria's stocking, and her heart raced as she dug her fingers inside, feeling the metal of a key, warm from Adria's body.
She dug it out, and turned to the briefcase besides her, fumbling with the key for a moment before inserting it.

Nina felt her heart race as she gingerly opened the briefcase.

Rows of containers of glowing, red liquid greeted her eyes.

She felt a wave of relief hit her, and she closed the briefcase, clutching the key in her hand so hard it hurt.

She could still make it. She wouldn't let Shelby down. She'd make a new life, for the both of them. She blinked back tears, thinking back on all the times the two of them had shared.

Breathing shakily, Nina rose to her feet. She took one last look at Adria's body, staring up at her blankly. She hesitated, and then crouched down again, closing Adria's eyes, gently closing her slightly parted mouth, wiping at the corner of it with the back of her hand.

If another Little Sister got to Adria's body, at least she'd look like an angel, as they often said.

Nina got up again and walked away, heading towards the Bathysphere Station, holding the briefcase, her eyes alert, trying not to jump at every sound...

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PostPosted: Oct Sun 15, 2017 8:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nina stared at the man behind the desk, as he looked over the briefcase and its contents.

He was a handsome man, with a striking figure and intense eyes. He certainly cut a fine figure in his starched shirt, working man's blue jeans and elegant suspenders.

But there was something about him that gave her the creeps, and brought to mind the mysterious woman she had run across earlier. But while the woman had a presence of strength and commanding, the man had an unsettling vibe, of power, of danger.

She could see why people followed Atlas, but she also had a sense that if one crossed him, for whatever reason, they would not be long for this world. She was constantly aware of the other man behind her, the assistant who had shown her to Atlas.

Atlas closed the briefcase. "Well, lass, seems like you've managed to get quite a lot of ADAM. This will be quite helpful for the cause, indeed. Shame about your friend..." he said, a sorrowful look, that struck Nina as forced and artificial, crossing his face.

"Now, about that trip to the surface, I'm afraid I've got some bad news there, lass... damn Ryan took out the smuggling Bathysphere last night. Now, don't worry too much- I've got a line on another Bathysphere, and a plan to steal it." Atlas said, leaning back in his chair, studying Nina.
"You know, we could really use someone like you on our side. It's much safer here then in Olympus Heights, that's for damn sure, and well, once we have the Bathysphere, of course you'd be perfectly free to leave..." Atlas said.

Nina carefully kept her own expression neutral, even as rage and despair bubbled up inside her. Once he had the Bathysphere? She and Shelby hadn't heard anything about a Bathysphere being destroyed. Certainly Rapture Radio would have been crowing about a blow to Atlas like that.
And helping the cause, joining Atlas... she thought the one job would be enough to score a trip back to the surface, back to the real world.

Or maybe there had never been a Bathysphere at all. Maybe it was just a hook, a promise to lure people to his side. Just one job, one little mission, to get that coveted seat on a Bathysphere... and then another job, another errand, another task, until the person was following Atlas blindly in his war against Ryan, two men dedicated to destroying the other, blind to how many of Rapture's citizens would be left dead or how much of the city would be destroyed by the time either one of them won.

She weighed her options before she responded. She didn't trust Atlas a bit, there was just something... off... about him. But even assuming he let her just walk away... if anyone ever found out that she had helped Atlas and his group of "freedom fighters", her life expectancy would drop drastically. She shuddered, remembering the body of the Atlas supporter, or alleged Atlas supporter, she and Shelby had run into.

No... she had made her choice the moment she had decided to steal the ADAM and deliver it to him.
Maybe she'd manage to gain his trust. Certainly the other people she had seen were treated with respect, and seemed to be living a lot better then she had been, hiding in the apartment, afraid for her life every time she had walked out the door.

"Oh, I'd love to, Mr. Atlas. Down with Ryan and all that." Nina said, trying to sound as enthusiastic as she could without being fake.
"And about my friend... I need to ask one thing..." Nina continued, her voice growing shaky.

Atlas raised an eyebrow.

Behind Nina, Atlas's assistant pointed his hand in a gun gesture to her head. Atlas briefly raised his hand, but addressed Nina.

"What's that, lass?" He asked.

"Can you, um... have someone get her body out of that lounge? I can't stand the thought of her just... lying there..." Nina said, her voice breaking.

Atlas lowered his hand, and the man behind Nina stepped back.

"Of course. I'll get someone right on that." Atlas said, surprised.

Nina got to her feet. "T-thanks... I'm, um, really so glad for your help..." She said shakily.

Atlas nodded, and gestured to the door. "No problem, lass. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm a busy man..."

Nina walked out, trying not to cringe as she closed the door behind her.

Atlas smiled. "Nice to see someone holding up their end of the bargain for once. See to it she has a place set up for her, get a gun, see if she wants to Splice, whatever she wants. Another believer for the cause." His assistant left the room to make the preparations.

Atlas looked at the briefcase again. Another worthy addition to his massive stockpile of ADAM. One day, one day soon, all of that would come in handy.
He spun in his chair, looking out the window, at Rapture.

"I'll have this entire city at my fingertips... nobody, not Ryan, not Sofia Lamb, is going to stand in my way, soon as I get my hands on Ryan's kid ..." Atlas vowed, smiling in anticipation, blissfully unaware that he was sowing the seeds for his own death...

The End
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PostPosted: Oct Sun 15, 2017 9:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

WOW. Just wow... I loved everything about this, the action, the atmosphere, the character work, the intimate details, the emotion, the mood, the vivid writing... just superb all around and very stylish and well described. Amazing. Very Happy clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping

The tension you build and the way you let every character shine and be so likable and believable whether they are good or bad is very impressive and you capture their beauty so well. loveheart loveheart loveheart

The action was terrific and exciting, loved the display of adria's powers and the threat she posed and how deadly she was. But also love that you added the softer and more caring side to her so one cared despite what she did, amazing work there. Same with Kari, she could so easily have been a one note bitch but you made her so much more and did a lot with little, I felt for her and yet cheered when Nina was saved from her.

As for the deaths... Kari's demise was stunning, loved her shock and thoughts and the details were amazing, also liked Shelby's regret. The search was thrilling and loved her removing the heels and the stocking foot details, so lovely. And when adria found her, so affecting and sad which is impressive for villains.

And by Adria's wrath was impressive, the use of her powers and how she took down Shelby so fast and surprisingly was brilliant and powerful and really showed how special she was. Shelby's demise was stunning, sad and terrifically written and very originally done and visually terrific. Just adored how Adria inspected and admired her body and removing her heel and stroking her foot was just wonderful. loveheart loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping clapping

And that final chase was so exciting and I held my breath in suspense and so loved the Elizabeth cameo and how she guided Nina down the right path and the terrific irony of howit led Adria in a trap was brilliant and delightful... and worked well with what you set up in part 1.

Now that death...OH MY GOD... the best you've ever written. I am in awe, its one of the better ones I've ever read period, it exceeded all my hopes and just dazzled me... the details, the emotion, the descriptions, her breasts heaving and coming out, her arousal, her failed struggles, the flailing, the tongue coming out... all perfect... And best of all the stocking feet attention with the kicking and such, utterly wonderful. So appreciated the attention to those in the death and especially the search, just perfect. loveheart loveheart loveheart loveheart loveheart loveheart loveheart

And what a search, just breathtaking all around, so happy with it and especially when Nina ran her hand over it and the toes and that, wow. Also touching with how she left her with some dignity like an angel as she said, so nice and all around soooooooooooooooo amazing and thrilling, just in awe. Adria is so one of my favorite bad girls ever, so perfect and her end was perfect.

Great epilogue with Nina, glad she got what she wanted and adorable how she asked for Shelby's body to be collected, touched me.

Superb well written story done with style and skill and I cannot wait to see what you do next, loved it all and most of all Adria and her perfect end. Wow... now this is how one is supposed to write. loveheart loveheart loveheart loveheart loveheart clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping

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PostPosted: Oct Sun 15, 2017 10:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just a little visual primer/extremely brief intro to the setting to those unfamiliar for it. OO suggested I might want to put this in the story itself, but I was pretty stubborn on having the reader go in without an obvious thing and grabbing those who didn't know the setting with the reveal of the city underwater, which might have backfired somewhat... confused
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