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Tribute to Mr. X - Part 5 - Katja and Victoria showdown

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PostPosted: Jan Sat 13, 2018 12:18 am    Post subject: Tribute to Mr. X - Part 5 - Katja and Victoria showdown Reply with quote

The showdown

Katja walked confidently into the large and luxuriously-furnished room.

Troopers Danni and Lucy had seen photos of and read warnings about Katja and so knew who and what they were up against.

Their cosy evening having sex with Kommandant Victoria and advancing their prospects of promotion one day had now turned into something altogether less appealing. And the Kommandant herself, far from displaying courageous leadership, had shown her complete cowardice by passing out!

But the sexy blonde troopers tried to do their best.

They got up from the bed and stood side by side, hands held up shakily in front of them to resemble the defensive positions they`d been taught in Reich Corps self-defence classes.

“We....we know .... m...m-m-ma... martial arts....” stammered Lucy. “We c..c..can...k-k-k-kill with our b-b-b-bare hands!”

“Y-y-y-y-yes.....and .... and it`s t-t-t-two against one.....” added Danni.

“Why, so it is!” said Katja mockingly. “In the face of these odds, do you think I should run away?”

Lucy and Danni looked sideways at each other. This sounded hopeful!

“H-h-h-how about it?......W-w-w-would you?” pleaded Lucy.

Instead of answering, Katja moved swiftly into the attack.

Unfortunately for Lucy and Danni, their limited training was of little use against the ruthless and efficient Ultra Reich killer.

Her first kick smacked into Lucy`s left knee, and as the girl tottered forward, she took a blow between her legs, then a straight right to the jaw that put her on her back.

Danni now launched a kick at waist height which was foiled by the simple mechanism of Katja catching her foot at the ankle and holding it at 90 degrees to the ground.

“That didn`t work very well, did it, slut?” said Katja mockingly

Trying with difficulty to balance on one leg, Danni gulped with apprehension. Where would Katja`s inevitable kick land?

The answer came a few seconds later – the kick crashed into her tempting, hairy and unprotected genitalia.

Danni squawked in pain, and her head came down – in perfect position for Katja`s uppercut to the jaw to jerk her head backwards. Danni tottered but did not fall.

Placing one hand between the already dazed Danni`s legs, and the other on her shoulder to steady her, Katja now smashed the blonde trooper head first with tremendous power through the middle of Victoria`s large-screen TV. A further heavy kick between the legs rammed her firmly in place, head and upper body protruding from the back amid a chaos of wiring and broken plastic.

She clearly wouldn`t present a threat anytime soon.

However, Lucy was now coming back into the fight, and had produced a knife from somewhere.

She crouched facing Katja, and the two circled each other warily. Lucy`s anxiety made her attack prematurely, and when her wild slash failed to connect, Katja was able to grip her knife hand at both the wrist and the elbow.

A sudden jerk to the wrist sent a stabbing pain through Lucy`s arm and made her drop the knife.

But Katja wasn`t finished with Lucy`s arm, and applied such power to bending it that she forced Lucy down on one knee.

Sweat beading on her forehead, Lucy looked round at Katja with fear as the pressure mounted, Katja`s right hand gripping the wrist like a vise and the left hand forcing the locked elbow towards an impossible angle.

With a snap, the arm fractured at the elbow, accompanied by a scream of horror from Lucy, who promptly collapsed onto her back on the floor.

Katja wished to torment Lucy further, however and was soon on her back on the floor herself, her long, strong legs gripping Lucy`s left leg in a leg lock.

Her hands were soon engaged in the attack too, sliding up and down between the knee cap, shin and ankle, pulling, jerking and twisting the black-stockinged leg, weakening and straining joints and tendons, and tearing at muscles.

Lucy yelled as each violent wrench sent lancing pains shooting through her nervous system.

Finally, Katja decided the preparations were complete, and decided it was time for fracturing. The leg lock immobilized the limb, while Katja`s hands moved Lucy`s lower leg sideways in a direction and at an angle that nature never intended.

The inevitable took place as Lucy`s leg snapped at the knee. A dreadful crunching sound followed which could be heard even through the semi-hysterical screams as Katja continued to turn the ruined knee-cap.

Lucy slumped back on the floor in terrible pain and utter despair, the hand of her unbroken arm covering her eyes from the awful sight of her twisted and broken limbs.

“I`m enjoying this,” remarked Katja happily to Lucy. “I`d love to break a few more of your bones, but I have another person to attend to. I`ll snuff you later.”

Leaving the white-faced Lucy moaning in anguish and on the verge of fainting, Katja stood up and roughly hauled Danni out of the innards of the TV set.

She pushed the unfortunate trooper up against a wall and began to hammer her abdomen with punches and kicks.

Danni tried to defend herself from the powerful blows the way she`d been taught to, namely protecting mainly the face and the pussy, vanity and sex being the two main priorities of Reich Corp women.

The result was that Katja`s devastating attacks nearly all struck home with full power, turning Danni`s insides to mush, battering and rupturing her internal organs.

She no longer had the strength to hold up her arms, and they hung limply by her sides.

Eventually, she began to slide slowly down the wall, ending in a sitting position on the floor, her body shattered.

Katja looked down at her beaten foe, and wondered how long Danni would survive the carnage that must have taken place internally, the appalling damage to liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach and intestines.

“Well, time for Victoria now!” thought Katja.

And saying this, she turned to look at her. To her horror, the Kommandant had disappeared!
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Joined: 13 Nov 2014
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PostPosted: Jan Sat 13, 2018 12:21 am    Post subject: Victoria`s escape.... Reply with quote

Appalled at her own carelessness, Katja first looked instinctively at the door, but realized she would have heard it open.

The window? But there was no window - Victoria had correctly decided it would be a weak point, so the room did not have one.

How had Victoria done it? Then Katja saw where the cowardly Kommandant had gone.

Victoria gets stuck

After fainting from sheer fright at the sight of Katja, Victoria had come round a few minutes earlier.

She lay watching in terror the awful physical punishment being given to troopers Lucy and Danni. She didn`t want to risk any of that!

So rather than attempting to intervene in the struggle, Victoria decided it was time to slip away and save herself. Katja had her back to Victoria while she was dealing out a terrible battering to Danni.

Actually, she had made preparations for this very scenario where an enemy entered the refuge and she had to escape other than by the door.

Victoria crawled quietly across the room to the opposite wall, and standing up, silently removed a picture from the wall. Behind it was a round hole, and a short tunnel leading to a trapdoor on the outside of the building.

Victoria gave a last glance back, and saw that Katja was still engaged in pummeling the groaning Danni. Well, that`s what the troopers are supposed to do when necessary, she thought – give their lives to save more important people such as herself.

Smiling to herself at the rage of Katja when she found her prey had escaped, Victoria climbed head first into the tunnel to begin the short crawl to the outside world.

It was a tight fit as she tried to get her large butt and meaty thighs in.

Then she realized to her horror that it was worse than a tight fit – she was stuck!

She pushed backwards, tried to wriggle, attempted to force her body forwards – all to no avail.

Further years of good living, rich food, being driven everywhere in the car had meant her already voluptuous figure had expanded further – too far for the diameter of the bolthole!

She was wedged in position, feet just off the floor, legs dangling out of the escape tunnel, butt and pussy on display, upper body inside – a helpless prey for Katja, like a plump, juicy fly caught in a hungry and murderous spider`s web!

Katja laughed with relief when she saw the result of the escape attempt. She walked across and affectionately patted the large rump jutting out of the wall.

“Oh, Victoria, I`ve had a wonderful time with you Reich Corp sluts. I killed Jessika and all twenty of her soldiers, I dispatched your driver and guards, and now here I am with you, trapped with your fat ass in the air. You are realy asking for it - we are going to have such fun together before I kill you,” the Ultra Reich assassin announced.

Victoria`s black-stockinged legs kicked feverishly, but to no avail – her trapped body budged not a whit.

From inside the bolt-hole came a wail of dismay from the terrified Kommandant.....
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Joined: 13 Nov 2014
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PostPosted: Jan Sat 13, 2018 12:25 am    Post subject: Katja in control.... Reply with quote

Katja then looked in a few cupboards and found one thing she`d been pretty sure would be somewhere in the room given the Kommandant`s sado-masochistic tastes, namely a whip. Not one that was only usable for gentle games between lovers - one that could also deliver a really severe flogging.

She moved back over to Victoria, still wedged in the entrance to the bolt-hole.

“And now,” Katja said, “Let the fun start!”

There was a swish and a sharp “crack” as the first blow of the whip landed, followed by a squeal from inside the escape tunnel.

A long, reddish mark showed where the whip had struck.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Katja put all her power into lashing Victoria`s buttocks, which began to redden as blow followed blow, and the squeals turned into loud howls.

Katja kept going until her arm tired, then throwing the whip aside, she seized Victoria`s ankles and jerked so hard that the crimson-assed Kommandant was dislodged from the bolt-hole and thrown unceremoniously on the floor.

Victoria immediately jumped to her feet and ran past Katja as though she was not there, not to escape but to get to the bathroom.

The sound of the shower could be heard and gasps of “aaaaaah……aaaaaaah” ehich indicated that the application of cold water was at least giving some relief to the scarlet buttocks.

Katja gave her a moment or two, then went into the bathroom and hauled Victoria by the hair back into the room, once again throwing her to the floor.

Katja placed her hands on her hips and said “Okay, Victoria, let`s see how you stack up in hand to hand combat. Up you get and fight for your life!”

Victoria got unwillingly and shakily to her feet.

“Katja – I really don`t want to …” she began.

Then she suddenly launched her attack, rushing at Katja in the hope that she was off guard.

This was a forlorn hope.

Victoria ran straight into a punch in the eye from Katja, and as she staggered backwards, a donkey kick from Katja to the side of the jaw, sending a spray of blood out of her mouth and knocking her to the floor in an untidy heap.

Victoria got shakily to her feet trying to protect her face from further punishment, which meant that she took a tremendous upward kick to the pussy that actually lifted her a few centimeters off the floor.

Katja then decided to give Victoria the kind of battering to the torso she`d dealt out to Danni, rupturing her internal organs.

Pushing the dazed, frightened woman against the wall so there would be no rolling with the blows, Katja landed a terrible punch in the pit of her foe`s stomach.

“Uuuuuuuh,” groaned the hapless victim.

However, unlike trooper Danni, after a mere three vicious abdominal punches Victoria was kneeling on the floor, her arms wrapped around Katja`s knees.

“Please, Katja, I can`t take any more! Please don`t hit me again!” whimpered the curvaceous Kommandant.

Katja was wary that this could be a trick to take her off guard, and looked down suspiciously.

Victoria slid down further, on all fours, face to the floor. It sounded like she was weeping.

Katja realized to her surprise that Victoria was kissing her shoes now. This was no act, she realized - the formerly arrogant Reich Corp officer was indeed now nothing but a terrified and broken wretch.

“Please, Katja, I`ll do anything! Let me live! Take me prisoner! I`ll talk, I`ll tell you everything about Reich Corp!” pleaded the cringing Kommandant

Katja felt her excitement level surging upwards. The finish to the evening`s wonderful killing spree was even better than she`d anticipated, Victoria`s fat, round ass in the air as she abased herself, groveling on the floor and begging for her life.

Victoria was now actually licking Katja`s high-heeled pumps, which became wet from her tongue and her tears.

“And money! I`ve got money I took from Reich Corp too! It`s yours! Don`t kill me - that`s all I ask! Please....please...”

Her voice trailed away into sobs.

Katja felt she was on the verge of coming - normally not a good idea with a foe who was still alive, and actually relatively lightly injured, but in these circumstances, she could see resistance was over.

Suddenly Katja realized how she wanted to finish Victoria. Once more hauling her up by the hair, she roughly pushed her onto the bed for the final act in the tragedy.

Katja then took off her own tight-fitting, short skirt, and slid her panties down her legs in their fishnet stockings.

Beside the bed was a vibrator, and that too was something Katja wanted.

Victoria was on all fours on the bed. Katja lay on her back, and wrapped her powerful legs around Victoria`s neck.

Victoria let out a surprised gasp of “hrrrrrk” as her breathing was cut off.

Katja switched the vibrator on and began to use it. Due to her over-excitement, even a low setting was more than enough.

Victoria felt like a python had coiled itself round her neck. The murderous bitch`s legs were so strong! She wanted to go on pleading for mercy, but speech was impossible. She tried to wriggle but the locked legs prevented that - in fact the awful grip on her neck merely tightened.

Virtually no air was getting through to Victoria`s lungs, which seemed to burn due to lack of oxygen.

What a way to go! Her wonderful legs wrapped around her victim`s neck, the vibrator buzzing gently, Katja`s tempting and excited pussy was only a few centimeters away from Victoria`s face.

Victoria felt like someone in a desert dying of thirst, with water only a tantalizing but unattainable distance away.

The terrible tightening around her neck increased.

Victoria`s eyes misted with tears, her sight began to blur, and dark spots appeared to float in front of her.

It was all too much for Katja. It had been the best few hours of her life!

Visions of the evening, the broken bodies, bullet holes appearing in luscious flesh, blood spurting from stab wounds, terrified and miserable expressions on dead faces, Jessika`s head slumping forward in death - all this and more danced before her eyes, accompanied by a mental soundtrack of gunshots, pleading and screams.

And of course there was the tremendous excitement of having her mission on the verge of successful completion, with the humiliation and extermination of Kommandant Victoria, the corrupt, cowardly and sexually depraved slut who represented all that was rotten about Reich Corp.

Katja looked down at her victim, in close proximity to her own box and wrapped in her powerfully muscled legs.

She reveled in the glorious sight of the purple-faced Victoria, veins standing out on her forehead, the eyes bulging and making the whites seem huge, looking like a mournful devil with her tongue hanging out and dribbling spittle, clearly on the brink of death.

Katja`s orgasm started - a quite tremendous one, shaking her body and causing her to groan long and loudly....
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PostPosted: Jan Sat 13, 2018 12:28 am    Post subject: The tables are turned... Reply with quote

Katja was still in mid-orgasm when a shadow fell across her. She glanced up in surprise and apprehension. A second later there was a loud “clank”.

The severely injured Trooper Danni had somehow managed to make a huge effort despite her terrible internal injuries, and had hit Katja with a frying pan taken from the room`s kitchenette.

One blow would not have been enough, but Danni followed up with another fine and accurate strike on the crown of Katja`s head, poleaxing her. The effort robbed the blonde trooper of the last of her failing strength, and so she too collapsed weakly onto the bed.

It took the choking and gasping Victoria some time to recover from her awful ordeal, but crucially, Katja took even longer.

The assassin was still lying dazed when the Kommandant rushed over to a cupboard containing devices used for bondage and took out a pair of handcuffs. She pulled Katja`s hands behind her back, and clicking the cuffs shut on her foe`s wrists, gave a loud gasp of relief.

The boot was on the other foot now, thought Victoria exultantly!

Katja was soon lying face-up on the bed. A knife and Victoria`s eager hands were enough to rip off her other clothes.

The Kommandant beamed with pleasure at the superbly muscled body stripped to nothing more than heels and stockings. Where to start?

Victoria selected a strap-on for her sexual session with Katja.

It was the biggest Katja had ever seen.

“I graduated from horse size to rhinoceros size quite a while ago,” announced the sex-crazed Kommandant. “But this one I`ve never used yet - I was saving it for a special occasion. It`s elephant size.”

Victoria spent well over an hour amusing herself with the wonderful body, exploring every crevice and curve in detail, orgasming in a variety of positions while enjoying a variety of activities.

Having felt the power of the Ultra Reich killer`s legs, she was aware that even with her hands cuffed, Katja could be dangerous, but the frying pan was a weapon she put to good use, giving Katja a satisfying “clank” on the head from time to time to keep her too dizzy to mount an effective resistance.

Two thing especially stood out in Victoria`s memory of her sexual violation of Katja.

One was sitting in a chair, legs wide spread, with Katja on her knees in front of her, head bowed forward and eating her pussy to a wonderful orgasm.

And the best of all was hearing Katja roaring in pain as Victoria took her up her back passage in the doggy position with the elephant-sized strap-on.

“Normally, I`d say you wouldn`t be able to sit down for a week after an experience like this,” Victoria informed her as she excitedly pumped away. “But you`re not going to live that long!”

But despite the excitement of having Katja as a sexual plaything, Victoria still had a well-developed sense of caution.

“I don`t want to over-do it, and see fortunes change again, Katja” announced Victoria. “Safety first - time to snuff you!”

Katja was doubled up with pain from the anal rape as Victoria dragged her by the hair into the bathroom.

She placed Katja in the bath on her back, legs projecting upwards into the air and resting on the sides of the bath.

Then she sat on Katja`s face.

Victoria put the plug in, and turned the tap on, and the bath began to slowly fill with water.

A few minutes later, the water level was more or less at Katja`s nose.

“Lick for your life, bitch!” yelled Victoria happily, and was rewarded by Katja starting to tongue her.

As long as Katja licked, Victoria permitted her to stay alive by raising her butt a little, so that Katja could bend her neck upwards and get her nose clear of the water.

But as the water level slowly rose, and Katja`s neck muscles tired, it became more and more difficult for her to cling to life.

Victoria was in ecstasy once more, with Katja`s tits in grabbing distance and pussy invitingly spread in front of her. On more than one occasion, she leaned forward for the strangest 69 of her life.

But after Katja`s frantic licking from below had given her one more orgasm, Victoria decided it was time to finish her.

She lowered her butt and watched the streams of bubbles rising from below it.

Katja still licked, but her tongue-strokes were weakening.

The bubbles began to diminish in number and frequency.

The despairing Katja couldn`t believe the way the tables had been turned.

She had ripped through Jessika`s twenty soldiers, toyed with the Kapitan herself before killing her, slaughtered Victoria`s driver and guards, dealt out terrible injuries to her lovers. She had reduced the arrogant Reich Corp Kommandant to a terrified, cringing wretch.

And now this!

What a humiliating way to go, naked and drowning under the weight of Victoria`s large meaty butt.

Katja did her best to make a last effort – but her strength had ebbed away, and it seemed as though an elephant was sitting on her face.

The last things Katja saw were the large, white buttocks with the red weals from the whipping, and the Reich Corp branding with the swastika and Victoria`s name. Then it all went black…

Victoria heard a last watery gurgle coming from beneath her. There were no bubbles now. She waited a minute or so more just to make absolutely sure, then got out of the bath.

Katja`s superbly muscled legs jutted up in the air.

The Kommandant looked down at Katja`s unhappy dead face under the water. A last sad little air bubble forlornly made its way to the surface from a corner of her mouth, and burst.

Victoria felt she should give the Ultra Reich assassin`s corpse a summing up of the final situation.

“You may have had a few successes with incompetent weaklings like Jessika, slut, This is what happens when you meet a true professional!”

And with that last remark, she turned her back in her defeated and deceased foe.

Victoria was of course anything but sexually satisfied at this point.

Fortunately Danni and Lucy were available.

Despite the physical damage to their bodies, the young beauties still possessed impressive tits, large, shapely buttocks and tempting pussies.

Of course, given what Katja had done to them, the last thing the two needed was vigorous sex with the elephant-sized strap-on, but declining Victoria`s advances was not an option for them.

“Please, madame, we want to satisfy you, but we need a doctor first,” pleaded Lucy.

“Your superior officer`s needs override yours, trooper!” snarled Victoria.

The troopers` groans and cries were partly sexual, but mainly of suffering as Victoria enjoyed their luscious bodies again in a multitude of ways.

After an hour or so, Danni, insides burning with pain from her wrecked internal organs, tried once more. “Please, Madame, if I don`t have medical help, I think I might die.”

“No, trooper,” replied Victoria, “You will die.”

And immediately after saying this, she straddled Danni, clamped both hands on her throat, and began to choke her.

The severely injured girl was really not able to muster any strength to fight back

She beat her fists pitifully against Victoria`s sides, but the feeble resistance only served to excite the Kommandant more.

“Oh, yes, bitch, oh, yes,” she said excitedly. “Die, bitch ! Die!”

And Danni did expire, eyes bulging, face purple, tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Of course, from Victoria`s point of view, it had to be this way.

Lucy and Danni had seen and heard too much.

Victoria wanted to be able to give her own version of events.

This would not contain such unnecessary information as her fainting from terror, trying to escape alone, having her butt thrashed, or being soundly beaten in the fight with Katja.

Nor would it include her pleading for mercy and terrified out of her wits, licking Katja`s shoes while promising to give her Reich Corp`s money and secrets.

And of course, the fact that Danni had saved her from death was not a detail that she felt was needed.

So really, the two troopers - despite their attractiveness - had to sacrifice their lives, if not for the greater glory of Reich Corp, at least for the greater glory of Kommandant Victoria.

Lucy was staring eyes wide with terror at the awful scene.

Now it was her turn.

“Kommandant! No! Please, no!” she gasped as Victoria advanced on her with a demonic grin.

Victoria pulled Lucy roughly off the bed and onto the floor, the impact being agonizing due to the two seriously fractured limbs. She arranged the unfortunate girl in a kneeling position, then placed one arm under the chin and the other on the back of the neck. Victoria was not a skilled killer, but with Lucy so badly injured already, this she could manage - it was real text-book stuff.

Lucy managed a last despairing “Pleeeease, Kommandant!”, then Victoria shouted “Heil Reich Corp” simultaneously pushing down on the back of the neck, pulling the chin up, and giving a sharp twist.

The neck snapped with a satisfying “crack”, lightning seemed to flash inside her skull, and it was all over for Lucy, who pitched forward to the floor dead when Victoria let go.

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PostPosted: Jan Sat 13, 2018 12:30 am    Post subject: A happy ending.... Reply with quote

Not surprisingly,after all the excitement, the ups and downs of fear and sex and humiliation and exaltation, Victoria still felt tremendously horny, so it was time to turn to an old friend, her faithful vibrator.

Lying back happily on the bed, the vibrator buzzing and throbbing powerfully inside her, sending delicious feelings racing up her spine, she looked around the damaged room, at the sexy corpses of ex-troopers Lucy and Danni sprawled on the floor.

And Jessika dead too, killed by Katja - she had no complaints about that!

And then the best sight of all, when she looked into the bathroom through the open door, Katja`s excellent legs in their fishnet stockings and high heels, projecting stiffly upwards in the air, looking like the letter V.

V for Victoria! And V for Victory!

At that happy thought, despite her battered face and aching body, the triumphant Kommandant Victoria had one more mighty orgasm. And it was not her last!
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PostPosted: Jan Sat 13, 2018 7:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ACH NEIN, mein Gott!!! eek confused no way What a reading lucky slut Vicky is, getting away with sheer luck, killing me with the aid of her helpers - and so humiliatingly - SCHEISSE!! confused mad

Hmmm, sexy & erotic description, Baxter, thanks! clapping laugh 2kissing loveheart

Logo on my thong: Some women are born winners! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Jan Sat 13, 2018 10:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Katja said:
ACH NEIN, mein Gott!!! eek confused no way What a reading lucky slut Vicky is, getting away with sheer luck, killing me with the aid of her helpers - and so humiliatingly - SCHEISSE!! confused mad

Hmmm, sexy & erotic description, Baxter, thanks! clapping laugh 2kissing loveheart


ORGASMIC... pop pop pop loveheart loveheart loveheart loveheart

Love the fact that I was able to defeat Katja...The best part is that I got to enjoy her HOT body before killing her in an erotic manner...MMMMMMM


I GET TO WIN!!!!!!!!



PS Katja and Jessika...Great to see you two back....MMMMMMMMM excited excited excited
"I have to have sex before I croak. It’s in my contract.”
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PostPosted: Jan Sun 14, 2018 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmm, Vicky, congrats for another victory ... but remember in the end of all Mr X's stories ... all Reich Corp sluts are usually vanquished ... so look over your shoulder, mein liebchen! He! He! Twisted Evil

Another great tale, Mr Baxter! loveheart Though the final outcome seemed kinda predictable, to me at least, from the start ... roll pop

Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go EVERYWHERE!!!
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